Impeach Donald Trump: Robert Reich Claims There Are At Least Four Good Reasons

Calls for Donald Trump's impeachment have been overwhelming, even before his inauguration, but now, with airstrikes in Syria and the threat of another World War, Robert Reich says there are at least four good reasons to get the process started. Reich even went so far as to say that with his list of four good reasons to impeach Donald Trump, another is unfolding, giving those opposed to the current Republican president yet another reason to get behind the effort to remove the reality star-turned-president out of the White House.

In a recent blog post, Robert Reich said that the first reason that an effort to impeach Donald Trump might be successful relates to the recent and plentiful accusations that Trump has made against his predecessor Barack Obama. He charges the current president with a failure to "faithfully execute the laws & the constitution."

Reich argues that Donald Trump is "unfaithfully executing his duties as president" by constantly launching attacks on Barack Obama that are unfounded with no evidence to back them. Historically, when a new president takes office, they may reverse much of what the prior president did if they happen to belong to opposing parties. There's nothing new about that. What does seem to be new with Trump is his passion for talking about Obama and pretty much everything else that he doesn't agree with on Twitter. The constant and baseless trashing of a former president is enough, according to Robert Reich, to impeach Donald Trump.

The second reason that Reich believes a Donald Trump impeachment is needed relates to his hotels and other businesses. Upon taking office, Donald Trump was supposed to distance himself from his businesses. The constitution says that government officials are not allowed to profit from their dealings with foreign governments. Rather than distance himself from Trump hotels and other businesses that he owns, the current president seems to be steering foreign dignitaries straight for them.

On top of that, China recently approved Trump's trademark applications, which will make him a ton of money. The reasoning behind those trademark approvals was directly related to moves that Donald Trump made while serving as president.

The third reason that Robert Reich says it's time to impeach Donald Trump has to do with that controversial travel ban. Reich asserts that Donald Trump violated the first amendment when enforcing his travel ban, which has also widely been called a Muslim ban due to the restrictions based on a handful of primarily Muslim countries. Reich is not the only commentator or government official who believes that Trump's travel ban is not constitutional, especially considering that federal judges keep striking them down.

The fourth impeachable act, according to Robert Reich, is also related to the first amendment. This time he says that Trump has taken aim at the right to a free press. It's no secret that Donald Trump, even before winning the election, called to make it easier to sue journalists who print lies about him. However, if you ask Trump and many of his followers about those alleged lies, they will point out anything negative published about the president and scream "fake news" and call it lies.

In his short tenure, Donald Trump has blocked news services that he doesn't like from attending his meetings and press conferences and regularly talks about them in speeches and on Twitter. Allowing news outlets to be present at, and cover political events based on who writes positive news about the president versus who writes things he doesn't want to hear, is a huge violation of the first amendment.

Robert Reich also called out the current president and claims there might even be a fifth good reason to impeach Donald Trump. Reich has asserted that Trump may be committing treason in his relationship with Russia's Vladimir Putin. There have been allegations that Trump and Putin worked together to ensure that he won the 2016 presidential election.

Whether you believe the allegations that Russia may have interfered with the U.S. election, here is another reason that Trump may be putting himself in danger of impeachment. On Thursday, when Trump did a full reversal on his opinion about the current situation in Syria, he warned Putin that he was about to send in the missiles. Knowing that Putin and Assad are allies, he told Russia that we were coming in and because of that, Salon reports that minimal damage was done to the Shayrat airfield where he directed 60 cruise missiles. If he was telling them we were coming, what was the point of bombing them then?

Again, in the Constitution, it says that a president can be impeached for committing "high crimes and misdemeanors." It also spells out the definition of treason against the United States as "adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort."

Despite the growing list of reasons that many want to impeach Donald Trump, Robert Reich also believes that it probably won't happen soon due to the Republican dominance in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. In order to impeach Trump, the bill would have to be introduced and passed by the house before passing it off to the Senate. As many might recall from Bill Clinton's presidency, both the House and Senate have to vote to impeach Donald Trump or it won't happen.

Reich is calling for those opposed to Donald Trump's presidency to be sure they are actively voting in the 2018 elections if there is any chance of removing Trump from the White House before his first term is up. As long as Republicans control the House and Senate, the odds of impeaching Donald Trump are low, despite the atrocities he has been accused of committing after serving less than three months as president.

[Featured Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]