Tyga Claims Blac Chyna Lying Over Child Support Case Amid Kylie Jenner Rumored Split: What's The Truth?

Tyga is sickened by the thought of Blac Chyna telling her family and friends that he's not making child support payments to help care for their 4-year-old son King Cairo.

The rapper, who was recently alleged to have called it quits with Kylie Jenner, can't seem to catch a break from the drama — but this time around, it's his baby mama that's supposedly causing all the fuss, having made claims that Tyga is anything but pulling his weight as a father.

Last week, as revealed by Complex, Chyna took social media by storm when she used her official Snapchat account to blast Tyga, insisting that she was impatiently waiting for the payments to be made — she hinted that Tyga allegedly hadn't paid Cairo's nannies their money.

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What's worse is that Blac then went on to reveal that Tyga had been getting in touch with her ex-boyfriend, Rob Kardashian, telling him that he was under the impression that the former stripper was desperate to get back with him, which Chyna says was nothing more than a lie.

It not only led her to make the revelation that Tyga was not paying child support, but the financial situation also left Chyna so heated, she even went on to claim that the "Faded" rapper had been cheating with men behind Kylie Jenner's back, strongly implying that Tyga is gay.

While Tyga hasn't addressed any of the things that his ex-girlfriend has thrown his way, the 27-year-old is reportedly absolutely livid by what has been said on social media. What bothers him the most is the fact that Blac would use an online platform to make allegations that are simply not true, a source tells Hollywood Life.

"Tyga is frustrated and upset that, because of Chyna's big mouth, people think he is a deadbeat dad," the insider gushes. "Tyga doesn't pay child support because Blac never asked him to and never took him to court over it."

"She is successful on her own and money has never been an issue for her since she had King [Cairo, 4]. Tyga is angry that, because of Blac's Snapchat rant, once again people think that he does not pay his bills, which simply is not true in this case. King has always been taken care of and always had all his needs met by both Tyga and Chyna."
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The source continues to add by saying that Tyga has never hesitated to pay for anything that his son needed from him — any money that was usually requested by Chyna was always handed to her on time.

Due to the fact that Blac and Tyga don't seem to have a good relationship with one another, information was miscommunicated and Chyna was under the impression that her former beau was trying to dodge the child support payments, which Tyga says was not the case at all.

If anything, it was a misunderstanding for Blac to suddenly jump to the conclusion that the "Rack City" hitmaker would try and avoid paying what he owes, especially with Chyna being the sole guardian of their son.

"Tyga has always helped to pay for the nannies, but when Dream [Kardashian, 5 months] came along, Tyga stopped paying for the nanny at Chyna's house because he figured that caring for both Dream and King was not his responsibility. That was why Tyga and Rob have been talking, to make sure they are on the same page with the nannies and the kids," the insider concludes.

News of Tyga's feud with Blac Chyna comes in the midst of several outlets reporting that the rapper is no longer seeing Kylie Jenner. Their split comes two years after infamously announcing they were a couple.

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