WWE Rumors: Did Alberto Del Rio Just Accuse WWE Of Orchestrating Paige Nude Photo Leaks?

To say Alberto Del Rio left WWE in 2016 on bad terms is an understatement. Unhappy with his mid-card push and lack of creative direction, to say little of Wellness Policy suspensions he and fiancee Paige had served, Del Rio's WWE exit came as little surprise to those who were following the story. And with Paige's nude photo and video leaks having recently dominated wrestling headlines, Del Rio again appeared to have it out for WWE in a series of Periscope videos he claims he shot while being "a little drunk."

Cageside Seats published brief transcripts from Alberto Del Rio's WWE-bashing videos from Thursday night, noting that it again appeared as if he was accusing his former employer of "harassing" him and Paige. As of this writing, the video quoted below remains live on Del Rio's Periscope account, and we should also warn you that the language used in the videos is oftentimes NSFW.

"You work for the company that is PG. I don't work for that f***ing company anymore - thank God. So I'm not PG. Uh, changing the subject... I know if was you, motherf***er. I know you did this to me and to my baby. I'm gonna prove it was you, piece of s***. You know she is better than all of you, so you can go and suck my big..."
The video also had Del Rio cussing out "keyboard warriors" — internet wrestling fans whom he claims had said bad things about Paige over her nude photo/video leak controversy.
Del Rio, who now works as Alberto El Patron in Impact Wrestling, also appeared to be criticizing WWE executive and occasional wrestler Paul "Triple H" Levesque in the video clip in question, referring to him as the "one with the big nose." Although he used a pejorative term to refer to Triple H, Del Rio did not go into detail, instead hinting that he would do so at a later time.
"I used to work in that other place where I was angry all the time, hating people all the time because most of the people working in that place? They're a bunch of p***ies, especially the one with the big nose like that [holds fingers up to face]."
According to Cageside Seats, Alberto Del Rio/El Patron may have been accusing WWE, or the "PG company" as he calls it, of any one of two things related to his fiancee. First, there's Paige's nude leaks from last month, which he may have been claiming were leaked out by WWE itself. There's also the matter of Paige's two Wellness Policy suspensions from last year, which the former WWE Divas Champion had previously claimed she shouldn't have been punished for.

Although the Periscope videos showed Alberto Del Rio ripping WWE over alleged injustices done to Paige, Wrestling Inc. observed that Paige had tried repeatedly to end her fiancee's tirade.

As for the second video, Cageside Seats wrote that this was where Del Rio/El Patron admitted that he was "a little bit drunk." Paige had also remarked in the video that she and Alberto are getting married in June.

This isn't the first time Alberto Del Rio has used social media in recent weeks to throw apparent shade at WWE. According to Bleeding Cool News, Del Rio had taken to Instagram late last month to claim that he and Paige were being "harassed by a company" and that this unnamed company, which many presumed was the WWE, was out to "destroy" the couple following the Paige nude photo leaks. Del Rio also added that he and Paige were to be married that following Wednesday, on March 29, though there haven't been any follow-up reports of the couple tying the knot since then.

As of now, neither Alberto Del Rio nor WWE have commented on last night's Periscope videos. Paige, on the other hand, remains on the sidelines as she recovers from neck surgery, and is expected to make her return to the WWE ring within the next few months.

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