Mama June Final Weight-Loss Photos: Pictures Show Reality Star's Transformation From 460 Pounds Down To 150

Mama June lost a reported 300 pounds, and now the reality star is finally showing off the finished product after pictures and video of her weight loss were kept under wraps for more than two months.

June Shannon gained fame through the reality television series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which showed off the family's run through the child beauty pageant circuit as well as their unique dynamic. Mama June was known largely for her big personality and big frame, with reports that she reached a weight of 460 pounds.

Now she has taken almost all of it off, and Mama June has shown that weight-loss journey through a new reality show, Mama June: From Not to Hot. While the show teased a transformation that took Mama June all the way down to a size 4, pictures of her actual weight loss have been kept mostly under wraps.

But viewers will finally get to see the end result of Mama June's weight loss, with pictures and video of the reveal finally coming on the finale of the seven-part reality series. The show had given a glimpse of Mama June's progress along the way, as she slimmed down and underwent surgery for skin tightening. Friday's episode will show the rest, including the climactic moment the show has been building toward -- the wedding of Sugar Bear, Mama June's ex-husband.

As previews for Friday's episode showed, there is quite a bit of drama on the way. Early in the series, Mama June shared that her motivation for losing weight was to look good at the wedding. But clips from the episode shared by E! Online cast doubt on whether the wedding would go forward, and whether Mama June would be there at all.

In a clip, Mama June went to talk to Sugar Bear about how they could get along to support their daughter, Alana, but his fiance walked in and an argument ensued.

"That's the reason I did not want you to come because we've never been on this civil term of talking. You've always been a b***h. You always are rude," Jennifer shared. "That's why you don't have him anymore."

"Regardless of if he invited you or not, I didn't invite you in. It's my day," Jennifer added. "You shouldn't be here. I just need you to go out of my house."

The clip also showed Sugar Bear trying to smooth the situation over and bring peace between the two women in his life.

"It's kind of hard to see a woman I used to love and a woman I love now fighting," Sugar Bear said. "I wish they could both sit down and kind of be friends for Alana's sake and my sake. That way, we can get along real good."

While the final episode will show the breadth of her transformation, some of Mama June's final weight-loss photos are already floating around. People magazine shared some pictures from an exclusive photo shoot of Mama June in her size 4 dress, showing off a noticeably tighter figure.

Many fans also shared pictures of Mama June's weight loss online, including the incredible difference between her first appearances on television and her latest reveal.
Those who want to see the final video and pictures of Mama June's weight loss can tune into Friday's finale of Mama June: From Not to Hot on WEtv at 9 p.m. ET, or check out the show's page here.

[Featured Image by Dan Hallman/Invision/AP Images]