Coastal Carolina University Cheerleaders Accused Of Being Escorts In Bizarre 'Bring It On' Scandal

Coastal Carolina University cheerleaders have been suspended amid allegations of running an escort service and working as strippers. The entire team of Coastal Carolina cheerleaders has been suspended until the claims revealed in an anonymous letter to university officials have been thoroughly investigated. The scandal sounds like a scene straight out of the popular cheerleading movie, Bring It On.

A public records request by the State revealed text messages sent and received by both current and former Coastal Carolina University cheerleaders chatting about stripping gigs at The Dollhouse in Conway, South Carolina. The same report appears to indicate 11 of the college cheerleaders knew about the escort service being provided, but seven did not. The cheerleaders maintain they did not have sex for cash.

Several of the Coastal Carolina University cheerleaders chose to quit the team over the shocking and still-emerging scandal. The anonymous letter sent to the university president, David DeCenzo, accused the cheerleading squad of not only being paid escorts but of being involved in underage drinking and cheating in their courses.

The letter about the Coastal Carolina cheerleaders claimed squad members were paid up to $1,500 by men to escort them to social events. Some of the cheerleaders were allegedly paid by way of gifts, including Michael Kors purses and designer shoes. The anonymous letter stopped shy of claiming sex was exchanged for profit by the college athletes.

A signature was noted at the end of the letter, but the writer labeled himself or herself as only a "concerned parent." The supposed parent said the cheerleaders were buying alcohol for underage students and paying other students to do their homework.

Many of the young women on the squad were accused of attempting to create a "sugar daddy" scenario using the website, Seeking Arrangement. The website dubbed itself a virtual place where "Sugar Babies enjoy a life of luxury by being pampered with fine dinners, exotic trips and allowances. In turn, Sugar Daddies or Mommas find beautiful members to accompany them at all times."

Law enforcement officers are not currently involved in the investigation into the escort service allegedly run by the Carolina Coastal cheerleaders. Some have deemed the timing of the prostitution allegations mysterious, or perhaps even convenient. The claims came on the eve of the college cheerleading team preparing for a national competition. Now, the team will not be permitted to compete at the Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship in Florida. The team already raised the funds necessary to attend the national cheerleading competition and might not be able to get a refund on the participation fees, lodging, and travel expenses.

Both cheerleading squad members and their parents have railed against the Carolina Coastal University for deciding to quickly suspend the entire team based solely upon an anonymous letter. The cheerleaders and their parents have deemed the allegations nothing more than "false accusations," which have served only to tarnish all the hard work the squad has done this season.

The Carolina Coastal cheerleaders appear to have recently created an account on Twitter. The CCU Cheer account shared a team photo and a statement about the brewing prostitution ring scandal, the Daily Mail reports.

"At this point in time, we no longer wish to be contacted about the current situation. The false accusations have led to harassment on campus as well as through social media, and are beginning to negatively impact our daily lives as well as our studies. As a team we ask the community to support us through these tough times as we hope the situation will be cleared up shortly. Love, The Coastal Carolina Cheerleading Team, #Chantsup."
Do you think the Carolina Coastal University cheerleaders were running an escort ring or are merely the victims of a vicious hoax designed to get them kicked out of the national competition?

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