Richard Sherman Patriots Trade Rumors: Would Seattle Seahawks Trade Sherman To Cowboys Or Patriots?

Richard Sherman-Patriots rumors are creating a lot of buzz on social media. The New England Patriots want Sherman, and it appears that the Seattle Seahawks rumors about listening to offers may have some basis in reality. A Richard Sherman trade might put the Seahawks in a difficult position during the 2017 season, though, as the team would have a big hole in the secondary to fill. While the 2017 NFL Draft might hold an answer at cornerback, it might be the wrong direction for the Seahawks to move, unless the team wants to go through a short rebuilding phase.

A new report by NBC Sports is stating that the Richard Sherman trade rumors have been fueled by the participation of the All-Pro cornerback. If the story is to be believed, teams like the New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, and Green Bay Packers might just have a shot at acquiring Sherman. At that point, it then becomes a question of which franchise is willing to offer the Seahawks the best package of players and draft picks in order to get a deal done. The Sherman to Patriots rumors might anger many fans though.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, at first the Seattle Seahawks-Richard Sherman trade rumors had the Pro Bowl cornerback laughing. He found the NFL rumors to be quite humorous and told the media that any chance he could get. It didn't cause any of the NFL rumors to go dormant, though, possibly showing Sherman and his agent that the team might actually be welcoming offers for him. It is at that point that he may have realized that in the business of the NFL, it is more important to be involved in the trade chatter than to simply brush it off.

Richard Sherman And Bill Belichick During Super Bowl
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Richard Sherman's contract is a four-year, $56 million deal that he signed a few years ago. It included $40 million in guaranteed money, which was an almost unheard of number for a defensive player. Sherman still has two years left on his contract, earning a base salary of $11.431 million in 2017 and then $11 million in 2018. His Seattle Seahawks salary cap hits are $13.631 million in 2017 and $13.2 million in 2018, meaning he is the second-most expensive player for the Seahawks to have on the roster. This shows why dealing him could help the bottom line a bit.

Though it might be expensive for another team to acquire him, Richard Sherman's stats through his first six NFL seasons showcase what he can do on the field. During that time, Sherman leads the NFL in interceptions with 30, including the 2013 season where he led the league with eight of them. He also has 342 total tackles, 97 pass deflections, five forced fumbles, four fumble recoveries, a sack, and two defensive touchdowns to his credit. Sherman also has two interceptions over his 12 playoff games with the Seahawks.

So, could a team like the Dallas Cowboys really find a way to acquire him? The Richard Sherman to Cowboys rumors simply stem from the team in Dallas trying to improve its secondary. From their viewpoint, the Cowboys would need to at least explore the opportunity of acquiring a top-notch cornerback, but they may not be willing to part with the necessary assets to get it done. Seattle may have an eye on the offensive line depth that Dallas possesses; coveting some of those players, as well as draft picks in any potential deal. That could be a bad idea for the Cowboys.

Richard Sherman Interception Against Pittsburgh Steelers
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Then there are the Richard Sherman-Patriots rumors, where New England head coach and general manager Bill Belichick has always had an affinity for collecting successful veterans. While he might be a good fit on that roster, Richard Sherman's contract may simply be too expensive. The Patriots just don't have the salary cap space to make it work unless they traded and cut several other players making a lot of money for the franchise. While not an impossible endeavor, it is likely not something that the front office (Belichick) would want to do.

There are a lot of teams that could pick up the phone and enter into these Seattle Seahawks trade rumors. It can never hurt to find out the asking price to acquire the top cornerback in the NFL, but all indications are that it would be very expensive to pry Sherman away from the Seahawks. For the Seahawks to trade Sherman, it would need to be an offer that could help the team both in the short-term and long-term. The reality for Seahawks fans is that the denial of any Richard Sherman trade rumors won't work, as the team really is entertaining offers.

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