Alec Baldwin Gets In Twitter Brawl With Dana Brunetti For Casting Underage Nikki Reed In 'Mini’s First Time'

Alec Baldwin got into a Twitter brawl with Dana Brunetti on Wednesday night as he blames producers for casting underage Nikki Reed in the racy 2006 movie Mini's First Time. Alec released his memoir this week, titled Nevertheless, which was published by HarperCollins. However, a producer slammed the book, calling the actor a liar for his twisted version of events. Baldwin recalls his 2006 film Mini's First Time, wherein he plays a middle-aged man who was having an affair with his stepdaughter, portrayed by actress Nikki Reed.

Alec Baldwin lies about Nikki Reed being underage in racy movie Mini's First Time, gets in a Twitter brawl with dana Brunetti
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According to the actor, he yelled at the producers for not telling him the exact age of his onscreen lover, Nikki, during filming. Baldwin said he didn't know that he was being paired with a minor, and he blamed the higher-ups for the incident.

Days after the release of his new book, Dana Brunetti wrote a scorching response to Baldwin's lies. Brunetti's response called the actor out for that particular story in his memoir. To prove his point, director Nick Guthe and fellow producer Evan Astrowsky backed up his revelations.

The Twitter dissing continued for five hours as the two men lost their cool and got personal. Nevertheless tells all of Baldwin's life, his career, and his achievements as a Hollywood A-lister. However, one particular story in his memoir drew the ire of producers and directors of the 2006 film Mini's First Time. Baldwin said he was misled by Dana Brunetti and Kevin Spacey regarding co-star Nikki Reed's age.

Alec Baldwin lies about Nikki Reed being underage in racy movie Mini's First Time, gets in a Twitter brawl with dana Brunetti
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Baldwin writes, "I was forty-seven, and it never occurred to me to ask how old Nikki Reed was. When I found out, just as we finished, that she was seventeen, I flipped out on the producers, who had told me something different."

This lie created considerable outrage by the higher-ups of the film. Fifty Shades of Grey producer Dana Brunetti slammed Baldwin's claims, and he was backed up by Spacey and Astrowsky, who commented that the actor was aware of Nikki's age all along. Moreover, there was no scolding that happened to the producers.

"It's a lie. I read it and was like, 'What the f***.' Of course, he totally knew how old she was. That's why there's no nudity in the movie. I think he's method acting Trump too much and he doesn't know the difference between fake news anymore," Brunetti told the Hollywood Reporter.

According to the California law, nudity is allowed for people below 18 as long as it was previously approved by the Child Labor Board. In Mini's First Time, Alec and Nikki were caught doing racy sex scenes, which shouldn't have been approved. Is this Baldwin's way of trying to come out clean as he puts the blamed on the producers?

Supporting Brunetti's allegations, Evan Astrowsky told the Hollywood Reporter, "What Alec says happened is not accurate. I completely corroborate that."

Evan went on to explain that he was present on the set, and Baldwin completely knew Nikki's character as a sophomore student. Astrowsky ended his comment that Alec should watch the movie again and revealed that there was no yelling that happened.

The film's writer and director, Nick Guthe, roasted Baldwin for his attempt at feigning ignorance. He said that all the people behind the film knew Nikki was underage, and they even had a meeting to finalize if she was fit for the mature role. Brunetti also shared that Baldwin handpicked Reed to be her co-star during casting, who was repped by the same CAA agent at the time.

Nonetheless, Baldwin addresses the memoir's lapses as publisher HarperCollins' fault. He complained that the publishing company had failed "to do a proper and forensic edit" and would post the complete revision of the material on his Facebook account. Baldwin mentioned that he would also be posting "more photographs" from his collection.

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