Stockholm Terrorist Attack Video: See Pictures, Live Video From Truck Attack In Sweden

Nathan Francis

A suspected terrorist attack in Stockholm was captured on video, showing terrifying footage as a truck plowed through a crowd, leaving at least five dead and many others injured.

Those who want to watch live video can also see the aftermath of the Stockholm terrorist attack and the response from police (the embedded video can be found below).

The truck attack took place in a city center of Sweden's capital city. Police said the suspect drove a delivery truck through crowds on a busy shopping street and crashed into a department store, leaving at least five people dead.

"Police said they were treating the incident as terror-related, and issued a warning for the public to avoid the city centre following reports by local TV stations that shots had been heard in the area," the Guardian reported.

"The public radio station Ekot initially said three people had been killed after a haulage vehicle drove into crowds on Drottninggatan, the largest pedestrianised shopping street in the Swedish capital. Police later said there had been at least two confirmed fatalities."

One person was arrested after the attack, but Swedish officials did not name the person or say whether it was the person suspected of carrying out the attack.

The truck used in the Stockholm terrorist attack had reportedly been stolen from the brewing company Spendrups.

"It's one of our distribution vehicles which runs deliveries. During a delivery to the restaurant Caliente someone jumped into the driver's cabin and drove off with the car, while the driver unloads," communication director Mårten Lyth told the TT news agency (via the Telegraph).

The truck careened down the street for several blocks, striking pedestrians and crashing through structures, the newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported (via the USA Today). The truck finally stopped when it crashed into an Ahlens store in Drottninggatan (Queen Street), the report added.

The Stockholm terrorist attack left a trail of death and destruction along the truck's entire path, witnesses said.

"People are lying mowed down along the whole route. CPR is being given and rubbish bags are being used to cover the lifeless bodies," one witness told the Telegraph.

Other witnesses said it was clear that the attack was clearly coordinated and planned. Eyewitness Veronica Durango told CNN that the driver purposely accelerated through the crowd of people.

"He came from Olof Palmes Street and drove down to Drottninggatan," Durango said in a phone interview.

"It was like he was driving through paper. It's like it was nothing. I can't even believe how a person could do such a thing. And then he just kept on going. I was in shock."

The death toll from the Sweden terrorist attack has been on the rise as well. Initial reports indicated that two people were killed, but within an hour of the attack that number was moved up to five, with many more seriously injured.

Live video from the Stockholm terrorist attack can be found below.

Other videos capture the Stockholm truck itself, including one taken from far above showing crowds running from the scene of the attack.

Many others shared video of the Stockholm terrorist attack on social media, including a picture of the truck wedged into the side of a building after the attack.

[Featured Image by Johan Nilsson/TT via AP Images]