Jeff Lewis Open To Marriage? Here’s Why ‘Flipping Out’ Star Hasn’t Wed Boyfriend Gage

Jeff Lewis has been filming Flipping Out for years and fans have followed his journey to start his own business on Bravo. When Jeff first started filming the show, he made a living flipping homes and doing some construction jobs for clients. Now, Lewis has also created a line of paints and he's working hard to establish himself as a leading designer in the country. But fans have also followed him on his personal journey, as he broke up with his boyfriend, found love again, and recently had a baby. Now, fans are wondering why he hasn't gotten married yet.

According to a new Bravo report, Jeff Lewis is now revealing that there is no specific reason why he and Gage have not gotten married yet. It's no secret that Lewis is incredibly busy. While filming Flipping Out, he's often running around and he is getting frustrated with clients. The show may not show Lewis in the best light, but he is definitely determined to make his relationship with Gage work.

The two just had a daughter this past fall. Their journey to get pregnant has been documented on Flipping Out, as they have explored both IVF and adoption. This past October, their daughter, Monroe Christine Lewis, was born and Jeff has shared a few pictures of himself with his daughter. While he questioned how they would be as parents, it sounds like they have made it work just fine. So, why hasn't he married his long-time boyfriend Gage?

"I don't know. I don't know," Jeff Lewis explained during his Watch What Happens Live appearance this week, where he visited the show alongside Bethenny Frankel, adding, "I mean it's gonna happen — eventually — right? It'll happen. It'll happen."

It sounds like there isn't a specific reason why Jeff Lewis and Gage haven't married. One can imagine that Gage does want a ring and does want the security of marriage, as he does seem like the romantic one of the two. However, Jeff may be more of the practical guy, and if Gage just wanted to sign the papers, he would do it as well. But Lewis has previously joked about being stuck with Gage anyways, because they have been together for so long already. If he has to pay palimony if they split up, why not get married?

"I just found out, my attorney said that [Gage] is now eligible for palimony because it's been seven-and-a-half years," Jeff Lewis has previously revealed about his relationship to Gage, adding, "I'm on the hook anyway, I might as well get married."

If Jeff Lewis and Gage do decide to get married, it is possible that fans of Flipping Out won't see the wedding on the show. While Jeff has no problem showcasing his business on the show, there are some private moments he prefers to keep to himself. And one can imagine that he hasn't shared the birth with Bravo either. But just because fans won't be invited to the wedding doesn't mean his fellow Bravo stars won't be. Andy Cohen and Bethenny inquired about invitations and Jeff couldn't see a reason why they wouldn't be invited.

"Of course! Why not?" Jeff Lewis told Andy Cohen and Bethenny Frankel this week after they inquired about getting invitations to the wedding.

While Bethenny questioned her own invitation, Lewis revealed that she just had to buy enough tiles from him and an invitation would be in the mail.

Do you think Jeff Lewis and Gage should get married now that they are parents to a little baby girl? And do you want to see the wedding on Flipping Out?

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