'Boruto' Episode 2 Spoilers: Did Boruto Just Befriend The Series' Villain?

Mark Jason Alcala

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations finally dropped its pilot episode a few days ago to the delight of Naruto fans. The anime opened with a scene familiar to those who have read the manga series – the confrontation of the series' villain, Kawaki, and its protagonist, Boruto.

However, even manga readers were in for a surprise a few minutes into the pilot as the anime series dropped a twist. Aside from introducing Naruto's son, the first episode actually allotted a significant amount of airtime to a new character not found in the manga series. Given this twist, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Boruto Episode 2 next week to glean some clues on where the anime could be heading. A warning to fans, there might be some materials up ahead that might be considered potential spoilers.

Pilot Episode Introduces Character Not Found In Manga

The first episode of the new anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations introduced a new character named Denki. The new character is the same age as Boruto and is a son of the wealthiest man in Konoha.

Boruto noticed some of the kids bullying Denki to get money out of him. He intervened and, using clones as a diversion, managed to get Denki away from the bullies. While Denki is thankful, he fears that the bullies will demand more money next time because of the encounter.

Boruto encouraged him to be stronger and stand up for himself. As explained by Naruto's son, one way to do it is learn ninjutsu at the academy. Later that night, a dark snakelike chakra entered into Denki's body and possessed him.

Denki Could Become Kawaki

Controlled by the dark snakelike chakra, Denki lured the boys who bullied him into a defective train the following day. Fortunately, Boruto was on board the same train and saved the boys from an evil but powerful Denki who seemed to possess telekinetic ability. Boruto also woke the real Denki and the dark aura was expelled from his body.

While Denki remained friends with Boruto when the first episode ended, there are speculations that the character could again turn evil in the future eventually becoming Kawaki, as can be read in this lively Reddit discussion. However, there are other fans who believe that it is highly unlikely for the series' main villain to be introduced in its pilot episode. Apparently, Denki is a recent fan made character, which explains why he was not seen in previous manga chapters.

Naruto's Death Hinted

There are also speculations that Naruto could die in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. In the previous episode, Kawaki threatened Boruto that he will send him to where the seventh Hokage, Naruto, is. Again, fans are divided on how to interpret the threat.

There are speculations that Naruto could die in a future Boruto episode and that Kawaki's threat meant that he will kill Boruto just as he killed his father. However, there are those who believe that the line does not automatically mean Naruto's demise. It is possible that Kawaki is just using a Jutsu similar to the Kamui and that he will trap Naruto in another dimension.

Boruto To Be Punished

Meanwhile, the synopsis for Boruto Episode 2 suggests that Naruto's son could be in for some rough times up ahead. As revealed by ComicBook, his dramatic entrance last episode will not go unpunished. Boruto will be reprimanded for crashing the train into his father's face sculpted in the Hokage Rock.

Boruto is also predicted to pick a fight with one of his classmates. He will run into some trouble with Yamanaka Inojin. Just like Boruto, Inojin is said to have some attitude problems, which can be expected as he is the son of the quick-tempered Ino and the sarcastic Sai.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations airs on Wednesday on TV Tokyo. Episodes of the new anime series are likewise streamed in Crunchyroll.

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