Girl Found Living With Monkeys Screeches As Primates Chase Police Car During Rescue

A crew of woodcutters working in a desolate area of a forest in India spotted a young girl running on her arms and legs with a group of monkeys. Their attempt to rescue the girl was foiled by the monkeys who chased them away.

Police were called and they too were held back by the monkeys while trying to get to the girl. The monkeys acted as if this child was one of their own and they protected her as if she was family.

A police officer called to the girl then ran to her and managed to scoop her up, but the monkeys attacked him in a obvious attempt to protect the girl. Still, the officer fought them off and got the girl, who is believed to be about 10 or 12, into a police car. As they pulled away, the monkeys chased the car, acting as if they were protecting one of their own, reports Yahoo News.
The identity of this girl is unknown and police are combing through missing children reports in an attempt to identify this child who doesn't talk. She walks on all fours and eats off the floor, just as you would expect a monkey to do. She was emaciated when they found her about two months ago and she needed treatment to rid her animal-like behaviors.
Who is this child who looked "very comfortable in the company of monkeys" when she was found? Police are trying to piece together how this child got into the Katarniya Ghat forest range in the first place. The leading theory today suggests that she was abandoned in the area and the monkeys took her on as one of their own.

The medical staff at the hospital has taught the girl to walk upright, but she still attempts to walk on all fours. The girl will eat using her hands instead of eating off the floor like she was doing when she first came to them. The progress made with the girl so far can be seen in the video below.

While the girl is not talking, she does seem to understand some of the things said to her after two months of treatment at a state-run hospital in India. She has even managed to sprout a smile a few times while at the hospital. Her age is not known and while some estimates put her at the age of 10- to 12-years-old, others have her as young as 8.

The Washington Post reports that when the girl was found she was "playing with the primates as if she were one of them." When the police arrived on the scene, the monkeys surrounded the girl, putting her in a circle of protection. The girl screeched at one of the officers who was attempting to get close to the girl. That screech prompted the monkeys to attack the officer, but he managed to get her away from the monkeys and into a car.

According to the Daily Mail, the girl screeches as her way to communicate, much like a monkey. Because of her behaviors not resembling those of a human, the experts believe she has been living among the primates for quite some time.

For those of you who are familiar with The Jungle Book, which is a popular kids movie, you may recognize the name they've dubbed the little girl, "Mowgli." This was done because this girl's story has similarities with The Jungle Book, which is the story of a boy who was brought up by wolves.

The girl was terrified of her human rescuers and staff at the hospital, reports the Daily Mail. She had wounds on her body and she was extremely weak. If she had not been rescued, she was at risk of "being eaten" by other animals, said Inspector Ram Avtar Singh, who is from the Motipur station in Bahraich.

The inspector said she was very hungry and looked "miserable" because she was so weak from hunger. Although she is healthier and "showing improvement," she has a way to go yet as she is still not talking.

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