'General Hospital' Spoilers: Anna And Valentin's Past Has Become Quite Complicated-Twin Sister Woes?

There is just something about Anna Devane on General Hospital lately that seems to have everyone buzzing. She certainly looks the same and still has her accent, but some things have changed this past week. It may become quite a twist in her back story with Valentin Cassadine. Anna is definitely up to something and it could get quite interesting, especially if the rumors are true that this woman is not really Anna after all.

On Thursday's episode of General Hospital, she paid a visit to Valentin Cassadine to clue him in on the fact that she has just remembered most everything about their past together. Just a few days ago, she was begging him to help her remember what she couldn't. Now she just miraculously got her memories back. Soap Central says that Anna will somehow turn things around next week and that should prove to be bad for Valentin.

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Is this Anna or Alex? [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

He has tried to hate Anna all these years, but it is obvious that Valentin has strong feelings for Ms. Devane. The thing is, it may not be Anna that he has a past with after all. There is a reason why she couldn't remember anything that happened between them and it is looking like it is because she never did those things that he said she did. However, there is someone else who most likely did, and that person could be Anna's twin sister, Alex Devane.

Many fans didn't even know that Anna had a twin. That's because her storyline was never shown on General Hospital at all. It was part of All My Children instead. Alex came to Pine Valley in 1999. She was a neurosurgeon who became involved with Edmund Grey. She apparently was brainwashed by her mother, Charlotte, into thinking that she was actually Anna, the twin that she had just found out about. Isn't it interesting that Valentin's daughter is also named Charlotte?

Later on, both Alex and Anna Devane appeared on the former ABC soap together for a bit. The character of Alex left Pine Valley in 2001. Now, Alex may just have made her first appearance on General Hospital and no one knows it yet. Valentin thinks that he slept with Anna all those years ago and that she finally recalls that memory, along with putting him on the WSB kill list. Now it seems that he got the wrong sister as Alex Devane may have just arrived in Port Charles.

At first, it seemed that Anna finally regained her memories, but it was quickly realized that something was off about her as she was talking to Valentin. Most viewers have questioned her different hairstyle and her clothing choice, which isn't quite Anna's style. She also grabbed Valentin's hand in a romantic gesture and that is something that Anna wouldn't do.

Then there were the odd expressions on her face, especially when she was hugging Griffin Munro. All of these things put together shows that either Alex is posing as her twin sister or Anna has undergone a split personality because this does not seem like her at all.

If this is Alex Devane, that means that Anna could be in trouble. Alex could have her stuffed away somewhere and no one would know it. Will Valentin eventually figure this all out or will he fall victim once again to this whole charade? He could be the one who eventually rescues Anna.

General Hospital spoilers coming from TV Source Magazine says that Valentin will receive some kind of gift. Will it be from Anna/Alex? Then there is his wife Nina. Valentin has had to reassure his wife that nothing is going on between him and Anna. How many times will he have to do this before she ends up losing it? Maybe she will be the one who will figure out this game that is being played on her husband.

What do you think about this story line, General Hospital fans? Are you intrigued by Alex Devane?

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