’13 Reasons Why’ Katherine Langford Is Our New It Girl

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why has shocked the world with Hannah Baker’s story. If you haven’t seen the series yet, do not worry, there are no spoilers here, but the good thing is, you get to see who the actress is behind the genius which is Hannah Baker. Here are the reasons why Hollywood (and everyone else) will probably fall in love with her.

1. Katherine Langford, A Gem From Down Under

Katherine Langford attends ELLE, E! and IMG New York Fashion Week February 2017 Kick-Off Event on February 8, 2017 in New York City. [Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

Based on a novel, 13 Reasons why is produced by Selena Gomez. The team wanted to find the perfect actor to play the critical role of Hannah Baker. According to Radio Times, it was writer Brian Yorkey who found her together with Gomez and director Tom McCarthy in Australia.

The 20-year-old actor did a Skype audition that immediately wowed the bosses.

“It took us a lot of time, going to all ends of the earth. We found Dylan Minnette [who plays Clay Jensen] in Los Angeles, California, but had to go all the way to Perth Australia via Skype for Katherine. It was well worth it, because it was about finding two people who could not only portray Hannah and Clay but really understand at a deep level what their journey is,” said Yorkey.

2. Multi-talented Artist and ATHLETE

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It is so rare to find raw talent these days, especially when the entertainment industry seemed to be booming with highly competitive standards for beauty. However, there are those true artists like Katherine Langford who loves the art for the sake of loving it.

Langford studied acting after she graduated from Perth Modern School. She used to be a national swimmer in high school until she quit in senior year to focus on her artistry.

3. 13 Reasons Why Is NOT Her First Project

5. She’s A Songwriter Too!

Katherine Langford did not just sing the songs on her channel. She also wrote these songs. Here’s her “Adele-esque” semi-love song.

6. A Down-to-Earth Gal

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Katherine Langford is very transparent. You can see that in her cool interviews. Though she is getting aware that her popularity is rising, she is not taken aback by the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry. According to Daily Telegraph, the star was asked if she thinks she might transfer to the “bright lights of Los Angeles” and she had a simple and humble response.

“To be honest, there is no place like home.

7. Lady Gaga Was Her Artistic Inspiration

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Katherine Langford is a raw talent, but she did not realize her gift until Lady Gaga arrived in her life. Langford said that it was the singer who inspired her to pursue her own artistry. With Gaga in her creative core, nothing can go wrong.

8. She Likes “Adventuring”

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In one of her interviews, Katherine Langford was asked about her “normal” Friday night. The actress said that she might probably be “adventuring.” Langford said that when she was focusing on her music, to get inspiration, she would ride a bus from her home to the city and just explore the world. She would watch movies on outside theaters and sometimes watch people roaming around.

9. She Totally Clicks With Clay Actor Dylan Minnette

Even though everyone would love to see these two date off-screen, it is still nice to see they genuinely like each other.

“He’s fantastic… He’s generous and kind and courteous!”

10. Stamped Approved by 13 Reasons Why Author Jay Asher

Though Katherine Langford did not read the book, her acting still got a massive approval from novelist Jay Asher. Langford said that they were told to either read the book or not. She would have read the book, but that would only add pressure to her performance. It was a good decision since her Hannah Baker portrayal was on the spot.

11. Her Interchanging Accents Are Impressive

For those who have seen the series, Katherine Langford speaks in an American accent. Seeing her in the show, it may be assumed that she came from the United States until she revealed that her true accent was that of an Aussie. Still, finding that perfect balance from an Australian accent to a flawless American is quite impressive.

12. She’s Really Attached To Hannah Baker

Katherine Langford did not only play Hannah Baker, she understood her struggle and her life. For Katherine, she is still the same person, but her views on the world were enhanced with her encounter with Hannah Baker.

“I wanted to make sure that I did the character justice. I know there are so many girls out there who are Hannah.”

13. We Could See Her Again?


Since the Netflix series performed really well, there are rumors about the next season. Selena Gomez herself said there are more details to tell about the characters and there is a possibility. No confirmations have been made, but for now, we just have to settle with an amazing performance by the cast, and most especially, the star of the show, Katherine Langford.

“There’s definitely more story to tell. It would be cool to continue the dialogue of this story. There are so many cliffhangers at the end of the season. At the end of the season, I had to sit back. I didn’t think about what happens next. It’s more of this feeling like, ‘Oh my God, that’s the story that needed to be told.’”

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