$2 Million In Stolen Salvation Army Toys Recovered

Toronto, Canada – Most of the $2 million worth of toys and goods that were stolen from the Salvation Army in Toronto have been recovered from a warehouse west of the city.

Reports that an inside job had resulted in the theft of donated toys, cribs, baby strollers, and baby good surfaced Wednesday. Police had been investigating the theft for more than a week before, according to the Toronto Star.

Police acting on a tip found the majority of stolen item in a warehouse in Brampton, northwest of Toronto.

Detective Sgt. Jim Gotell said the items were stacked high on 146 pallets that required three tractor trailers to transport back to a police warehouse.

No arrests were made in the theft, but Sgt. Gotell said the recovery of the items was only the first part of the investigation.

Early indications suggested more than 100,000 toys were stolen from the Salvation Army over a two-year period and that the thief or thieves were planning to resell them.

Salvation Army Maj. John Murray said there was no expectation that the goods would be recovered in time for the holiday season.

“The Salvation Army is under no illusions that the recovered toys can be returned to us soon, as it appears likely they will be required as evidence in any criminal court proceedings that arise,” Murray said.

Murray contended that only one person was involved in the theft, but police said Saturday they had identified “person of interest.”

Det.-Const. Adam Norski, one of the detectives on the case, said, “We haven’t dug deep enough into the whole organization itself. We don’t know if there could be one person, two people.”