WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle Vs. Triple H Might Headline 'WrestleMania 34'

The rumors that Kurt Angle will become the latest general manager of WWE Raw have proven to be true. The latest wrestler to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame will be thrilling fans once again albeit in a different role this time. With this now a reality, it is now a good time to debate on how the other question regarding Kurt Angle's return will be answered – will we ever see Angle wrestle again inside a WWE ring?

According to Still Real To Us, beloved WWE figure Jim Ross touched upon a lot of subjects on his blog regarding the recent buzz around the WWE. After a lengthy post about how it was an honor for him to call the Undertaker's last match, Ross also broached on the future of Kurt Angle. Here is what the legendary WWE has to say about the possible in-ring return of Kurt Angle.

"Kurt Angle as the new, RAW GM is a smart booking. The 2017 HOFER will be a big time 'get' for the RAW brand. I think that it also sets in motion, if desired, for a retirement match with Kurt vs some lucky talent would be a great attraction in NOLA for WM34."
Jim Ross is probably one of the best people in the world when it comes to knowing how the mind of the WWE works. So it is an exciting prospect to hear his guess of what the WWE is planning with Kurt Angle. This is because Kurt has already listed his preferences when it comes to his final match. He has already expressed his desire to face AJ Styles because he believes that it will be a surefire great match. He also spoke on finishing some business with Brock Lesnar due to their history.

However, recent rumors put a new face in the whole Kurt Angle sweepstakes. And this one is going to be huge for the WWE universe.

According to Sportskeeda, WWE might have something brewing for Kurt Angle. Dave Meltzer and Jim Ross talked about that subject in the Ross Report. In one part of the segment, the two were discussing how healthy and happy Kurt Angle seems to be during the entire ceremony as well as his role as general manager. However, Meltzer also cautioned that the WWE might overwork Kurt Angle, who has been nursing and battling various injuries as well as substance abuse throughout his career.

Jim Ross then says that he believes that WWE won't be making that mistake and that Kurt Angle's appointment as the new general manager of Raw is the perfect setup for the WWE to give one final match to Kurt Angle at next year's WrestleMania against none other than Triple H.

That is definitely huge news and is a feud that could surpass even Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg. Having Kurt Angle as general manager further fans the flames of this particular rumor. Angle will be working closely with Triple H so it is easy to set up some sort of storyline. Kurt will also be given ample time to get his legs back as he had been out of WWE programming for quite some time now.

The WWE will also have one whole year to gauge whether Kurt can still wrestle in his current condition. Kurt Angle can do mini in-ring promos all year round just to get him up to speed. But of course, they can always just go back to Angle being the general manager if they feel his health is at risk.

Triple H vs. Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 34 is going to be a huge main event for the WWE. Fans better stay tuned for more developments regarding this possible storyline.

[Feature Image by WWE]