'Southern Charm' Kathryn Dennis Has Some Thoughts On 'Southern Charm Savannah's' Break-Out Stars

In a short month, Southern Charm will add a new installment to the series with Southern Charm Savannah, and while the two will have things in common, the Georgia version will also stand on its own. One of the stars of the original Southern Charm, Kathryn Dennis, got the opportunity to meet part of the new crew in Savannah, and she thinks that they will bring their own flavor to Bravo.

Southern Charm, now in its fourth season, continues to grow in viewership, so it makes sense to try another location, adding Savannah, and next New Orleans to Bravo, says the Inquisitr. Southern Charm Savannah will follow six lifelong friends in a city filled with "heirs and socialites." The Southern Charm franchise, founded by cast member Whitney Sudler-Smith, is trending up while several of the Real Housewives locations are leveling off which makes fans wonder if they've seen the last of Southern Charm growth or spin-offs.

While Savannah is just two hours south of Charleston by car, the new Southern Charm Savannah is promising to deliver its own flavor to fans of the original series, Southern Charm. Recently, Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis made the trip to meet a couple of the cast members for the Savannah location and share her thoughts on the series that will launch on May 8 on Bravo.


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Kathryn Dennis sat down with cast members Ashley Borders and W. Nelson Lewis Jr. and found both to be funny and original. Kathryn said she felt a kinship with Ashley, as both women have children, and have an interest in fashion. As for Nelson, Kathryn says he is a hoot.

"Nelson talks so fast, but he's really funny."
Kathryn says that she has a feeling that after Southern Charm Savannah airs, she and Ashley will have even more in common, because she thinks Ashley is being cast in the familiar role of the outcast, but only time will tell.Savannah Now says that like the original Southern Charm, Southern Charm Savannah is going to combine beautiful scenery with scandals and secrets. Rounding out the cast is Catherine Cooper, Lyle MacKenzie, Daniel Eichholz, Hannah Pearson, and Louis Oswald, who have all been friends since childhood. In addition to Nelson, Happy McCullough will be a "friend" of the cast.

One of the interesting factors that will differentiate Southern Charm Savannah from the original Southern Charm? Everyone on the second Southern Charm seems to have an actual daily job. Ashley has built her own fashion empire, Daniel Eichholz is growing his family law firm, Lyle MacKenzie works in international logistics, and Louis Oswald is in banking and fashion with his own line of designer socks called JL the Brand. While all come from prominent families, each member of the cast seems to professionally be pulling their own weight in Savannah.

The cast also has something else that seems to be rare on the original Southern Charm, and that is romantic relationships as opposed to random hook-ups. But just as the original Southern Charm had a cast member, Thomas Ravenel, coming out of the scandal of having done time in prison, Southern Charm Savannah too has someone looking to put a scandal behind him, and that is Nelson, who is back in Savannah after some time in Washington, D.C.

AdWeek published an article called "The Never-ending News of Nelson Lewis" which detailed a time back in 2010 when Nelson was arraigned for impersonating Georgia politician Jack Kingston. Nelson was arrested after claiming that he had been assaulted (he later recanted that story). From there it was revealed that Nelson had also impersonated a Bahamian diplomat and a features writer for Rolling Stone. Well, at least someone will bring a real imagination to the Southern Charm franchise!

Southern Charm Savannah will premiere on May 8 on Bravo.

Are you a Southern Charm fan? Will you tune in to watch Southern Charm Savannah?

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