Is Selena Gomez A Clingy Girlfriend To The Weeknd? Here's What Body Language Expert Thinks

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd may not have officially confirmed their relationship, but their actions speak louder than words. The controversial couple was seen multiple times in the past, publicly flaunting their affection to each other. However, many have noticed how the "It Ain't Me" singer appeared to be more "clingy" than The Weeknd.

Over the course of their supposed romance, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have sent their fans swooning every time they showcase some PDA. Every move they make as a couple is being watched by the prying eyes of the media, documenting their lovey-dovey moments. Although their gestures seem romantic, many were quick to nitpick on small details claiming that Selena Gomez appears to be more emotionally attached than The Weeknd.

To shed light on the said claims, Marie Claire spoke with an experienced body language expert, Patti Wood, and asked her to analyze Selena Gomez and The Weeknd's PDA. The expert took some of the couple's photos and shared her observation based on their gestures.

In one of the first photos of Selena Gomez and The Weeknd together, Patti Wood noted some "significant tension" in The Weeknd's gestures. Apparently, the "Starboy" singer appeared to be caught off guard while the "Hands To Myself" singer looked more "loving."

"The look on his face is 'I've been captured,' while hers is more loving. To me there's tension—he has his hand over hers, but he's pulling it down away from his neck a little bit."
Another shot which showed more of Selena Gomez's affectionate side was the one taken during their Italian trip. The couple was spotted being cozy while having dinner at a fancy restaurant. The body language expert reiterated that Selena Gomez was the one "putting effort" in their PDA. In the said photo, the 24-year-old singer can be seen touching the rapper's face while he just simply looks on.
"He's not touching her. She's the one that's demonstrative. But still, there's tenderness between them."
The expert added that Selena Gomez's tendency to be expressive and touchy might mean that she wants to secure the connection between them, especially when they're being photographed. She also noted how the singer "literally puts her weight on him" and that "it's very dramatic."
In another PDA-filled image, Selena Gomez can be seen planting a big kiss on The Weeknd's cheek. The gesture was no doubt adorable and romantic. However, Patti Wood cites that it was another indication that the "Come And Get It" singer exerts more energy in their PDA. In fact, the expert even noted that The Weeknd was not reciprocating the gestures and just sat there, not touching her at all.
"She wants to say 'you're mine.' But the location of the kiss is sweeter and less lusty. I'd like to see him touching her in this photo and instead his arms are sort of folded over. Again, she tends to make the effort, hang on him, put her weight on him."
Although The Weeknd may not be as showy as his rumored girlfriend, there were some "rare" moments captured by the camera which Patti Wood claimed to showcase the rapper's affectionate side.

In one of the photos, The Weeknd can be seen kissing Selena Gomez on her cheek in a tender way. The body language expert noted that the way he touched and kissed the singer appeared to be passionate and not "overly sexual."

"His touch indicates tenderness and cherishing—it's not overly sexual. But if you look at her posture, she's leaning back on him and he's not pulling her in. It indicates that he respects and honors exactly where she is in this moment."
The Weeknd also revealed his fun boyfriend side during their getaway at Buenos Aires, Argentina. The couple spent the day strolling the busy streets, looking carefree and happily in love.

In the said photo, The Weeknd can be seen having a good time while spending the day with Selena Gomez. According to Patti Wood, his "raised brows and an open mouth" are clear indications of being "joyful." She also added that based on The Weeknd's gestures, he's showing and asserting that they are a couple.

"His body is angled toward her, so he's the one showing they're a couple."
So far, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have not officially confirmed the real score between them but based on their body language, it's pretty obvious they're more than just friends.

[Featured Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]