Kevin McHale’s Daughter Dies, Sasha McHale Remembered On Twitter

Kevin McHale’s daughter, Alexandra “Sasha” McHale, has died at 23 after a battle with the autoimmune disease lupus, and the world of basketball is extending its condolences to the Houston Rockets coach through means such as Twitter.

Kevin McHale took leave on November 10 to tend to Sasha as she fought to get well, and, as recently as last week, Sasha McHale’s condition was said to be improving. Kelvin Sampson, who took over for Kevin McHale while he dealt with his daughter’s illness, said then of Sasha McHale’s prognosis:

“It’s not out of the woods yet. There’s still a lot of concern, but it is improving.”

Sasha McHale herself was a basketball player, and her former coach Shannon Hartinger lamented the passing of a player she said was talented and passionate about the sport:

“She was an outstanding basketball player and the life of the locker room… She was a joy to be around. You could tell she loved to play basketball.”

After the sad news that Sasha McHale had died of lupus was reported, celebrities and family members alike took to Twitter to express grief and offer up condolences to the family of Kevin McHale in their time of mourning.

One Twitter user says he is a cousin of Sasha McHale, and urged users who wished to do something for the family to donate to lupus research. (The enigmatic disease currently has no known cure.)

Others simply offered a kind word to Kevin McHale and family as they coped with the loss of Sasha McHale:

Kevin McHale is a former Boston Celtics player and Hall of Fame athlete, and Sasha McHale adopted his number, 32, in her time playing basketball.