Jennifer Snowden's Shocking Claims About Kathryn Dennis' Drug Use And Child Custody With Thomas Ravenel

Is Kathryn Dennis still not completely clean? Is the Southern Charm star still using drugs and/or drinking alcohol to such an extent that she's barred from seeing her two young children, Kensington and St. Julien, with her ex, and co-star, Thomas Ravenel? That's what Jennifer Snowden is now claiming.

Earlier in the week, Jennifer, via Twitter, made some shocking claims regarding Kathryn's drug use and child custody arrangement with Thomas.

In one tweet, Jennifer claimed that Kathryn had and still has an "uncontrollable" drug problem. According to Jennifer, it's because Kathryn takes drugs that causes her to spew "BS." Jennifer added that Kathryn still can't see her two children, implying that Kathryn still can't prove to the court that she's clean.

What prompted Jennifer's shocking claims regarding Kathryn? On Monday, Reality Tea posted an interview that it conducted with Kathryn in which she explained why she and Jennifer, who is a recurring cast member on Southern Charm, are no longer friends. According to Kathryn, Jennifer, without explanation, didn't invite her to her baby shower in celebration of her son, Ascher.Kathryn reminded people that Jennifer had a fling with Thomas once, but she forgave her. Kathryn then went on to say that after Ascher was born, people began questioning whether Thomas is Ascher's real father. Kathryn explained that some people on social media pointed out how similar Ascher and her own son, St. Julien, looked. While Kathryn didn't say whether she believes that Thomas might be the father of Jennifer's son, neither did Kathryn dismiss the speculation as ridiculous. Rather, Kathryn admitted that she was bothered by the speculation.
"I was already exhausted from all of the rumors, and felt like a fool anyway, but this was too much. I had so much sympathy for Jennifer, and prayed for her and her baby, and still do, but there is far too much water under the bridge, and while I'll be polite, I don't think we can be friends again."
After the interview was published, Jennifer maintained that Kathryn is just telling lies. Jennifer further revealed that she's having her attorney send Kathryn a letter, presumably a cease and desist letter. Jennifer even called her former friend "bats**t crazy."
"I don't think, I can 100% guarantee that. But she can talk all she wants until she receives the letter my atty is sending her????#Bats**tCrazy"
In another tweet, Jennifer told Kathryn to "lay off the drugs," accused her of being paid for the story and called her a "desperate sicko."
Jennifer Snowden also denied snubbing Kathryn Dennis. In one tweet, Jennifer claimed that she invited Kathryn to her baby shower, but she didn't come since she was in California. Jennifer added that Kathryn's mom called to tell her about Kathryn's absence and sent her a maternity dress as a gift.
While Jennifer's baby shower took place prior to filming for Season 4, the Southern Charm cameras did capture the sip-n-see. Perhaps viewers will see Thomas Ravenel, the man at the center of the drama, at the sip-n-see?
In response to one viewer who expressed hope that Kathryn didn't actually do anything wrong, Jennifer pointed out that Kathryn participated in the story and re-tweeted it. It seems that what Jennifer would have wanted Kathryn to do is issue a denial or perhaps just refuse to comment on the speculation that Thomas could be Ascher's dad, instead of giving credence to it.
When another viewer criticized Jennifer for her tweets, telling her to help Kathryn instead of trashing her, Jennifer defended herself by stating that she helped Kathryn for several years and would have continued to do so if Kathryn hadn't involved her son in her "delusions." It seems that, like for many moms, Jennifer draws a line when it comes to her child.
Two people who are apparently on Jennifer's side, at least when it comes to the speculation that Thomas might be Ascher's father, is Naomie Olindo and Elizabeth Madison. In reference to the Reality Tea interview, Naomie said that it was better suited as an April Fools' story, while Elizabeth said that the claim is laughable.
Another person on Jennifer's side is K. Cooper Ray. Cooper, who apparently isn't friends with Kathryn anymore either, went so far as threatened to spill further damaging secrets about Kathryn if she continues telling lies about Jennifer.
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cooper, who like Jennifer, had a recurring role on the show last season, recently revealed that he declined to film for the current season because of other projects.

Even Kathryn Dennis' cousin, Shelby, spoke up in defense of Jennifer Snowden. Shelby tweeted that Kathryn is throwing people who truly loved and cared for her under the bus. Shelby made a small appearance on the Southern Charm Season 4 premiere episode, where she confirmed to Thomas Ravenel that she had to kick Kathryn out of her home after a couple of weeks, and questioned whether Kathryn is really better despite completing her rehab program. As the Inquisitr reported, Kathryn, as that scene aired, denied that she and Shelby are actually family.

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