Gizelle Bryant Cease And Desist Letter: ‘RHOP’ Star Reacts To Legal Action

Gizelle Bryant has returned for another season of The Real Housewives of Potomac and this mother is coming back with quite the story. As the previous season ended, Bryant’s comments about her co-star’s marriage may have landed her in some hot water. As it turns out, Bryant was talking about Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s marriage, even though it was crumbling on national television. Jackson Jordan revealed that her husband was living in New Jersey, working as a basketball coach. When he was fired from his job, he didn’t return home to Potomac to his wife and children. Instead, the marriage fell apart as they drifted in two different directions.

According to a new Bravo report, Gizelle Bryant is now revealing that she thought a cease and desist letter from her co-star was hilarious. After the season ended, Bryant talked about Charrisse’s marriage openly, which wasn’t appreciated by her co-star. In return, Jackson Jordan called Bryant various names, including some that hinted she was sleeping around Potomac. While one woman thought it was funny, the other one saw it as a subtle hint to be quiet.

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“I didn’t think it was extreme. If someone is publicly defaming your character, I mean for her to take a stand and go out and make a statement like that, to me that was what the issue was. I just wanted it to stop,” Charrisse revealed to Bravo about her decision to send a cease and desist letter to her co-star, adding, “And I realized the type of person that I’m dealing with. So that’s why I [sent a] cease and desist, because she was spreading false lies about me. For her to do that, there was no way to resolve that rationally.”

Of course, the two ladies tried to talk it out on the season opener of The Real Housewives of Potomac, but it didn’t end peacefully. Instead, they couldn’t understand where they were coming from, and it sounds like this drama could be their storylines this season. While Charrisse wanted Bryant to stop saying things about her behind her back, Bryant thought it was hilarious to threaten her with legal action.

“[I] thought it was absolutely hilarious,” Gizelle revealed about receiving the cease and desist letter, adding, “I would have rather her say to me, ‘Hey, Gizelle, that’s not true.’ And I would have realized, ‘Hey, my bad.’ But she sent me a cease and desist, like don’t ever talk about that?”

“OK. I just felt like it was funny, and if she wants to get a lawyer, to waste her money creating a cease and desist letter, have at it,” Gizelle Bryant explained to Bravo, revealing that she had no idea her co-star would go to such extremes and thinks she only did this “because she didn’t know what else to do” and “because she’s not ready to deal with whatever’s going on in her life, publicly.”

And it is quite possible that Charrisse doesn’t want to deal with her marriage in the public eye. While it may not exist anymore, she may want to keep the pain and hurt to herself to avoid hurting her children even more. And maybe on some level, Jackson Jordan feels like a failure for letting her marriage slip. Even though she shared it on The Real Housewives of Potomac, she may have hoped that her co-stars would have her back.

What do you think about the cease and desist letter? Do you think Gizelle Bryant crossed the line, given she talked about her co-star’s marriage troubles?

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