Beyonce Could Give Birth To Twins In 6 Weeks? Expert Claims Superstar Is In Third-Trimester Of Pregnancy

Beyonce could give birth to her twins in as little as six weeks, according to an expert, who claimed the superstar was likely in her third-trimester of pregnancy.

Beyonce is currently estimated to be 32 weeks pregnant

Dr. Lama Tolaymat, an OB-GYN from Orlando, Florida, who specializes in maternal-fetal medicine was consulted by Elite Daily to determine a potential due date for Beyonce and Jay Z's twin babies.

After studying all of the photos and videos made public throughout Beyonce's pregnancy, Dr. Tolaymat's professional opinion was that as of April 2, 2017, the Lemonade superstar was probably 32 weeks pregnant.

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The maternal-fetal medicine specialist confirmed that a pregnancy is typically 40 weeks but "with twins, we usually deliver them at 38 weeks, we don't let them go that far," which means that Beyonce could give birth to her twin babies by the middle of May.
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"With twins, [the mothers] are usually bigger, but depending on how [the twins are] lying, if they're next to each other, she may not look as big vs. if they're on top of each other.

"So if they lay in her belly next to each other, you know, side-by-side, the belly may not look as high as they would if they were laying first one on top of the second."

How pregnant was she when she made her Instagram announcement?

Beyonce was likely "26 weeks" pregnant in her pregnancy announcement photo on Instagram from nine weeks ago, according to Dr. Tolaymat.
We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. - The Carters

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Beyonce's pregnancy announcement photo is currently the most-liked Instagram photo of all time, according to Billboard.

The singer shared family photos before it grows by two

Beyonce recently shared never-before-seen photos of Jay Z and Blue Ivy on their family trip to the Grande Canyon back before she was pregnant in 2016.

Beyonce posted some throwback photos of her ninth wedding anniversary trip to the national monument with her husband and daughter on her official website on Thursday.

4.4.16 Anniversary #GrandCanyon #throwback (Swipe)

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Beyonce posed with Jay and their five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy in the never-before-seen family photos.
4.4.16 Anniversary #GrandCanyon #throwback (swipe)

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Is she having boys?

Beyonce and Jay Z notoriously lead a private life when they are away from the spotlight. Fans have been desperate to search for any new information on Beyonce's pregnancy after her big announcement in February.

After the singer wore a pair of earrings from her music video "If I Were A Boy," people jumped to the conclusion that she was having twin boys, according to E! News.

Beyonce has not confirmed any details about her pregnancy, the gender of her twins, or her due date.

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