WWE Rumors: Details On Next Week’s ‘Superstar Shakeup,’ Major Changes Made On Top Stars Switching Brands

On the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Vince McMahon not only announced a new General Manager, but he also revealed that there would be a huge “superstar shakeup” next week. A few details were revealed about the strange-sounding event that could alter the paths and rosters of Raw and SmackDown Live, but more keeps coming out. Now, rumors are swirling about which major superstars could end up switching brands soon.

Fans want to know exactly what is going on with this whole “superstar shakeup” thing and why the company doesn’t simply call it a draft. Well, they aren’t calling it a draft because it isn’t one, but there will be changes to the roster, and the makeup of each brand will be severely altered.

As reported by the official website of WWE, Vince McMahon officially announced the shakeup on Monday, and that is when a few details were confirmed. CBS Sports has also announced a little bit more regarding what is actually known.

  • It will take place on Monday Night Raw on April 10, 2017.
  • Raw General Manager Kurt Angle and SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan will be in charge of things.
  • The moves that can be made with superstars will include, but not be limited to, trades and deals.
  • All superstars from both brands, including champions, are eligible for the superstar shakeup.

It is no surprise that Vince McMahon likes to keep things fresh, and rumors have swirled for months about top superstars switching brands. Since the superstar draft last summer, there has been very little to almost no movement regarding big names, or anyone, for that matter.

That is all about to change. While there are some details known as to how things will go, there is absolutely nothing confirmed about who will end up switching brands or stay where they are for the “superstar shakeup.”

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that the original idea to switch Roman Reigns over to SmackDown Live now appears to be off. Per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the idea to switch Reigns to Tuesday nights has now been taken off the table, and he won’t be leaving Raw.

With the insane amount of heat and attention that Roman Reigns has recently been getting, WWE doesn’t seem to want to take him off of their flagship show. The Heavy also states that there could be some benefit to moving Reigns, though, as John Cena is taking some time away after his recent engagement to Nikki Bella.

There are some other big names who could be moved in the superstar shakeup, though, and they are just as important.

[Image by WWE]

Right now, one of the biggest rumored moves that will be made is AJ Styles leaving Tuesday nights and heading to Monday Night Raw. It isn’t yet known who would be traded for him, but it would have to be somehow high up on the Team Red ladder to make up for the loss of Styles.

With the return of the Hardy Boyz and the debut of NXT’s popular The Revival on Raw, rumors are hot that The New Day will be moved to Team Blue. This does make a lot of sense as the tag division on Mondays is really huge while Tuesday night’s tag division could use a great deal of help.

One more interesting move that has been thrown out there is swapping former Women’s Champions with Alexa Bliss going to Raw and Charlotte Flair heading to SmackDown. This is another good superstar shakeup move that would make for some fresh match-ups and completely change the balance of power in both women’s divisions.

The superstar shakeup is something that isn’t exactly going to be another WWE draft, but it will change the way the rosters look. All of the details as to how it will work aren’t out just yet, but more keep leaking as time goes on. More interesting, though, are the rumors about which major superstars could end up switching between Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, which leads us to believe The New Day, AJ Styles, Charlotte Flair, and others could have new homes next week.

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