Airport Pizza! Delta Air Lines Buys Pizza For Stranded Customers Following Flight Cancellations

Delta Air Lines went the extra mile for their passengers on Thursday morning.

The Sun reports that Delta Air Lines purchased hundreds of boxes of takeaway pizza to feed hungry passengers who were stranded at the airport following the cancellation of their flights due to heavy storms.

Southern states in the United States were assailed by hail and strong winds, forcing Delta Air Lines to cancel 300 flights. Airports in Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Kentucky, and other states had canceled or delayed flights on account of the storms.

Delta Air Lines passengers have shown their gratitude to the airline staff and pilots, taking to social media to post photos of them handing out free pizza to customers.

One user tweeted a photo of a Delta Air Lines pilot handing out free pizza to stranded passengers.

“Our @Delta captain delivering pizza while we are stranded waiting for Atl storm chaos to pass. Amazing!” he captioned the photo.

Another user wrote, “Sitting on a delayed flight from Columbus, OH to ATL. Delta ordered and serving pizza to passengers.”

Other posts show airline staff pushing baggage carts containing stacks of pizzas on their way to grounded planes.

“Let’s try this again and the pizza just arrived to the terminal! Yay! Thanks ,” a certain Xinia wrote.

ABC reports that Delta was not able to provide the exact amount of pizzas that were handed out, but it said that numerous airport stations in the Southeast were involved.

“We empower our agents and airport station leaders to find ways to take care of our customers when irregular operations disrupt travel,” Delta spokesperson Michael Thomas told ABC News.

Delta Air Lines has always had the knack for providing free meals to stranded passengers in the event of flight cancellations. Last year, a power outage forced the airline to cancel 2,300 flights, and the company responded by handing out pizza, donuts, and beers to stranded customers, as reported by WSBTV. Delta also posted a video apology from CEO Ed Bastian and then offered refunds and $200 in travel vouchers to passengers whose flights were canceled or delayed for at least three hours.

In 2015, Delta handed out free pizza to Atlanta-bound passengers who were diverted to South Carolina due to stormy weather.

As previously reported by AccuWeather, the heavy storms that are blowing through the southeastern US will continue to progress eastward across the South and will continue up over the Ohio and Tennessee valleys Wednesday night.


“The severe weather threat includes the potential for tornadoes, some of which can be strong,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Henry Margusity said.

The severe storms could pose a risk to heavy populated areas from the Gulf Coast to the Ohio Valley and might be a threat to lives and property.

Cities that are under threat for multiple thunderstorms include Atlanta, Augusta, Macon and Columbus, Georgia; Montgomery, Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama; Fayetteville, North Carolina; Pensacola and Tallahassee, Florida; and Columbia and Florence, South Carolina.

“Any vehicles left exposed to these threats can sustain significant damage, so residents in the path of these dangerous storms should be sure to move their vehicles into a garage or protected area,” AccuWeather meteorologist Kyle Elliott said.

Delta Air Lines offered to waive the change fee for those whose rescheduled travel occurs beyond April 7, with difference in face under consideration, WeARTV reports.

[Featured Image by George Frey/Getty Images]