April The Giraffe And Her Full Udders: Most Talked About Mammary Glands Since Baywatch?

April the giraffe has held folks hostage to their electronic devices for weeks as they live-stream the giraffe that is about to give birth. People following the progress of April's pregnancy are privy to the detailed description of the fullness of her udders and her wax caps appearing and reappearing. This stuff makes the headline news daily.

Thankfully, this is not the type of update we humans give when waiting for a pregnancy to run its course. Can you imagine the mother-in-laws across the nation embellishing the fullness of their expectant daughter-in-law's mammary glands as the day of birth nears? No, that wouldn't be pleasant at all, so this type of detailed information is best left to the animal kingdom.


There hasn't been this much detailed description on mammary glands since Baywatch went off the air a few years back. April has held the attention of thousands, who tune in day and night to see if her behaviors have changed since the last time they took a peek. In the human world, it is bad enough when the overbearing family member insists on filming a birth, but can you imagine having a camera on you all day long for the months leading up to the big day.

You can just hear the snide commentator giving a blow by blow description of April the real woman trying to fit into a pair of pants she's grown too big for. Or the suggestions that a bout of constipation must be bubbling up when April the real woman goes for a couple of prunes.


April the giraffe's behavior has been monitored, and she can't so much as stand in a corner for a minute without someone seeing a reason for this. Many of you moms out there can remember having a few cranky days toward the end of your pregnancy when you just wished the baby would pop out.

The folks at the zoo where April is housed report that she's taken on a different shape in the last day or so, which could be a sign that 150-pound baby is ready to greet the world by finally moving outside its mother's womb. So, why has this taken so much longer than expected? The theory on this today is that the zoo might have gotten the giraffe's due date wrong. Most veterinarians will tell you that although some like to think it is, it is not an exact science when predicting the birth of a baby giraffe.

While April the giraffe doesn't seem to be in any distress, it can't be very comfortable for her carrying a 150-pound baby around. Humans find an 8 to 9-pound baby cumbersome, so can you imagine poor April the giraffe? The giraffe's due date was originally set for March 31, but that was over a week ago, and as the headlines indicate, there's nothing yet.

The latest news on the pregnant giraffe is that she has her appetite back, according to Fox News today. This along with her udders being full and her wax caps reappearing, the moment of birth may not be near because this has all been seen before.


"April the giraffe is back on her food - an optimistic sign that her epic pregnancy is reaching its end game," reports the Express News from across the pond. This is not just a national event; April has become famous worldwide. The keeper of this 15-year-old mother-to-be reports that April does have her appetite back after spending the last couple of days only picking at her food.

They have been told by giraffe experts that expectant animals tend to binge as labor draws near, so they build up the energy to go through this labor, as it is a strength-zapping event. The giraffe won't stay pregnant forever, and the days of watching for this blessed event to happen are winding down as April is looking more ready than ever to give birth to her baby giraffe. After all, just look at those full udders.

[Featured Image by Jens Meyer/AP Images] [File Photo]