'Teen Mom' Stars Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Baltierra Fires Back At Those Offended By Fake Pregnancy Posts

Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell, sat with People magazine to discuss the fake ultrasound photo that she posted on Instagram. The 16 and Pregnant alum said she posted the photo as a sarcastic response to false reports claiming she was pregnant. Cate's photo brought on a noteworthy mix of reactions among social media users, particularly those who have experienced difficulties with conceiving children.

"I posted it because… people don't see what I see on Twitter all the time... People kept asking and saying, 'Oh, she's pregnant. She's definitely pregnant.' If you see the picture that I posted, it's a fake baby in a uterus picture."
Catelynn spoke with Amber Portwood about the baby drama and asked her, "Why would I cover up my own baby in an ultrasound? I just wouldn't do that." Cate said the fake ultrasound photo was her way of "messing with people." The Conquering Chaos author added that the photo was sending a message of, "'Oh, look! You're all right again!' And no. You're really not." On Twitter, Tyler was so heated, he told fans it had nothing to do with those who cannot conceive children.
Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, both 25-years-old, took to social media to respond to the backlash over their fake pregnancy announcement on Wednesday. According to the Daily Mail, the couple maintained that the post was a harmless joke and anyone who found it offense simply needed to get a sense of humor.

Social media users responded to the faux pregnancy announcement and told the MTV stars that their post was in poor taste and a bad joke.

"Apparently the world can't take jokes anymore."
The situation began when Catelynn and Baltierra, through a series of tweets, started openly discussing their desire to have a third child. "Wahhh I'm ready for another baby @TylerBaltierra." Tyler then responded to Cate's baby fever tweet with, "Me too, babe."

catelynn lowell
Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra received major backlash from their fake pregnancy announcement. [Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]

After the couples' tweets were exchanged, Catelynn posted a photo on Instagram of a cartoon baby imposed into a sonogram and captioned the photo, "Proud to announce a new baby Baltierra @tylerbaltierramtv." After posting the photo, Catelynn did some damage control and uploaded another photo which read, "I'm just kidding…but seriously... I would love one soon."

One social media user responded, "Don't think that's funny lots of women can't get pregnant this is not a funny joke." Another wrote that bringing life into this world is huge honor and privilege that, "some don't seem to take seriously."

When Catelynn was asked if she was shocked by the backlash that came from her post --- in particular from women who have trouble conceiving, Catelynn said she understands where those women are coming from and she "gets that."

"If I did offend anybody that struggles with that, I apologize and I can say that I am sorry... I am though, because some girls and women do struggle with it and can't have babies."
She apologized again or offending anyone having difficulties conceiving and said, "Sorry if I offended anybody," she added. "That's not what I meant to do at all."

Tyler later tweeted "I actually love all of those critics. The fake profile pics & repetitive insults based on the lack of creativity...they just crack me up."

Lowell then added a cryptic message on Twitter, "Why don't u just go back to ur real family? Not like we have mattered anyways... to u it's just the thought that mattered."

Catelynn said she had no regrets about posting the faux ultrasound on social media.

"To all the people who are freaking out because they want me and Tyler to have more babies, we will one day," she said. "I'm definitely still on birth control."

The Baltierra's are both 25-years-old have been through many ups and downs after making their debut on 16 and Pregnant including the choice to give up their firstborn, Carly, for adoption and the joyful birth of second daughter, Novalee Reign.

Do you think Tyler and Catelynn's fake baby joke was insensitive to those struggling with infertility?

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