Watch Stephen Colbert's Trump Press Sec. Sean Spicer Collaboration With The Muppets, It's 'Phenomenal'

Amy Feinstein

Stephen Colbert has created a funny video that combines one of Sean Spicer and President Trump's favorite words, "phenomenal," with the Muppets to make a song that will be stuck in your head for days. And perhaps the biggest surprise is that Press Secretary Spicer seems to get the joke.

But in the past, even when Sean Spicer seems to be a good sport, his boss, Donald Trump, can't seem to be a good sport. When Melissa McCarthy went on SNL to play Spicer at a press conference, Sean Spicer seemed to be amused, that was until Trump had a meltdown, allegedly angry that a woman was playing Spicer, says the Inquisitr. Trump reportedly thought that having Spicer played by a woman made him look week.


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Now many think that Sean Spicer has been on a fool's errand anyway, reporting on terrorist events that never happened, struggling to pronounce words, and then there was the big dust-up he had for years with Dippin Dots. Before the Colbert/Muppet situation unfolded, people got many laughs at Spicer's expense by trolling his Venmo account which was left public after taking the job with Donald Trump. Folks made small donations with snarky one-liners.

"Donation to get ur hairline back smh."

"Change that picture of yourself, dude, youre like 90% percent [sic] forehead."

"You owe @MatthewNussbaum a little credit …"

And so Stephen Colbert sent Nussbaum a shout-out.

"Thanks, @MatthewNussbaum!"

"I think Speaker Ryan did a phenomenal job today of really laying this out."

Feel free to insert the Muppet song in between.

"And as we continue to meet with members and talk to them and get their ideas, I think we're going to have a phenomenal outcome of this bill."

And of course, Sean Spicer's boss, Donald Trump is, well, phenomenal.

"The President has done a phenomenal job, there's no question."

What do you think of the Muppet mash-up with Sean Spicer and Donald Trump?

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