WWE News: ROH Wrestling Star Adam Cole Looks To Be Jumping To WWE Soon

Former ROH World Champion Adam Cole has been killing it on the independent scene for some time now, but it appears he could be jumping to the WWE very soon. Earlier this year, Adam Cole made history when he became the first ever three-time ROH World Champion. There have been a few two-time champions, but most every other champion held the title only one time and some even held the title an insanely long time.

The reason only a few people have seen the championship twice has a lot to do with the fact that Ring of Honor is an independent company. Everyone aspires to move up and get paid the big bucks while making it in a big organization. Today, things have changed a bit as the indies have provided a big opportunity for independent guys like Adam Cole.

You can go to Europe, Mexico, and Japan and make a good living because the shows are on the internet and people can see them as long as they know about the promotion or the companies simply promote the product right. Due to the rise of social media, the indies have become hotter than ever before and money has gotten better too. New Japan Pro-Wrestling used to never be able to keep talent, but now they can offer six- and sometimes seven-figure deals to talent so they can stick around.

Adam Cole
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ROH is now owned by Sinclair Broadcasting, so they too can sign guys to good contracts with guaranteed money that also frees them up to work other places on the side if they feel froggy enough to make the move. However, Adam Cole has enjoyed working primarily with ROH and NJPW. He joined the Bullet Club last year and made a huge comeback in doing so.

Cole has become one of the top wrestlers in the world, so that means WWE has come calling. Adam would turn them down previously, but when his current deal expires, many felt he would make the jump to WWE at that point. Cole said before that he always planned to join WWE, but he had some things he wanted to complete before he went there as he feels he could make a big career happen with the company, so he wants to only have that on his mind.

He is not alone in this, as people like Kenny Omega have been heavily targeted by WWE and Triple H in particular. However, Omega wants to win the IWGP Heavyweight Title in NJPW and doesn’t seem to want to leave until he gets this out of the way. He is expected to win the title this year and jump to WWE next year. Meanwhile, Adam Cole’s ROH deal expires at the end of this month. Come May 1, he will be free to sign with whomever he feels like.

Usually if someone is planning to re-sign with any company, they at least have talks and tentative plans to sign something whenever the current deal ends. However, there does not seem to be a contract on the books for ROH that Adam Cole wishes to sign. It does look like a WWE jump is going to happen. This was made even clearer with a recent tweet that seemed to tease something coming up. Cole tweeted out,

Some took this picture to mean that Adam Cole was saying goodbye to ROH Wrestling soon. ROH Border Wars is set for near the middle of May, and Supercard of Honor just went down the night before WrestleMania 33 on April 1. It is assumed that Adam Cole will have his last match on the independent scene with Kenny Omega to finish up a storyline that has been involving the two.

Adam Cole not only needed to finish up with ROH but NJPW as well. He had joined the Bullet Club, so he needs to be written out. Cole already started a bit of tension with the Young Bucks, who are part of a division of the Bullet Club called The Elite which Omega also heads up along with the BC itself. It is thought that he could do a per date contract to make it to the next ROH PPV to make the match with Kenny Omega occur. The same could happen with New Japan as well.

Whether or not this occurs, reports claim that Adam Cole is going to be jumping to the WWE sooner rather than later. WWE is always open to talent finishing up their independent dates that they took on. However, they prefer talent be done with them before they sign with the company. However, the next WWE NXT TakeOver event is set for May 20, the night before WWE Backlash. It is likely Adam Cole could be done with his indie work by then, but if not he may just work one more match or two before he is completely done. Samoa Joe and others did this when they signed with NXT, so this would not be a crazy situation.

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