Infamous Black Knight Satellite Shot Down By The Illuminati, Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Video]

In a stunning claim that combines the Illuminati, WikiLeaks, Anonymous, ancient alien technology, and government cover-ups, conspiracy theorists have alleged that the infamous Black Knight Satellite has been shot down. The legendary craft, believed by many UFO hunters to have been deliberately placed in Earth’s orbit over 12,000 years ago, is allegedly said to have been shot down by a “secret Illuminati war plane” according to the folks behind the YouTube channel SecureTeam10.

According to SecureTeam10, the “truth” that the Black Knight Satellite had been surreptitiously shot down by a super-secret Illuminati plane was first leaked by WikiLeaks. SecureTeam10 took the alleged WikiLeaks claim one step further, sharing a video that purportedly shows the remains of the Black Knight Satellite streaking across the sky.

As Daily Mail reports, SecureTeam10 has made an infamous and controversial name for itself with some of its conspiracy-laden UFO claims. According to the channel, NASA is actively engaged in a cover-up of epic proportions, deliberately hiding the existence of extraterrestrials from humanity. In the YouTube video published by the UFO hunters, a bright, streaking ball of light can be seen moving slowly through the camera’s field of vision. SecureTeam10 claims that the ball of light is all that remained of the Black Knight Satellite after the Illuminati plane pulled its hit on the ancient extraterrestrial monitoring device.

‘The Black Knight was an alien aircraft put in Earth’s orbit to monitor humanity. It orbited Earth over a period of 13,000 years, until it was shot down yesterday.”

Check out the controversial video below.

In the video, the narrator sources the original rumor that the Black Knight Satellite was shot down by a secret Illuminati plane back to UFO TV and an allegedly hacked YouTube account where the footage of the Black Knight Satellite allegedly being shot down was reportedly first leaked. According to a message on that account, it was hacked by Anonymous to share footage taken from WikiLeaks (confused yet?) in order to expose the destruction of the Black Knight Satellite.

During the SecureTeam10 video, the narrator repeatedly calls the allegations of the Black Knight Satellite being shot down “sketchy,” but quantifies that the conspiracy theory of the infamous alien monitoring satellite is actually “intriguing” in and of itself.

As Disclose TV reports, the Black Knight Satellite was allegedly first discovered by scientific genius Nikola Tesla back in 1932. Tesla, who is said to have picked up on the satellite’s “extraterrestrial signals” well before humanity had ever launched anything into orbit, allegedly believed that a more advanced extraterrestrial civilization put the Black Knight into place to monitor the evolution of humanity on Earth. Stories of the Black Knight Satellite have persisted ever since, with armchair UFO sleuths claiming to have found an official NASA photo of the craft in 1998.

NASA has repeatedly denied the existence of the Black Knight Satellite, with astronaut Jerry Ross famously claiming the “craft” to be nothing more than a misidentified thermal blanket accidentally dropped during a spacewalk.

The official explanation of the Black Knight Satellite has failed to placate UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists, and many are now clamoring for an explanation of the new footage that claims to show the object being shot from its secretive (and reportedly ever-changing) orbit around the planet.

Even internet UFO hunters agree that the new Black Knight footage is difficult to discern, and aside from the claims that it was taken from WikiLeaks and shared by Anonymous, there is no way for viewers to really know what they are seeing. In the video, the slow-moving glowing object seems to be hit by some kind of projectile before breaking up. According to the video, the projectile came from a “secret Illuminati war plane,” but that assertion is definitely not clear from watching the film.

After the alleged Black Knight Satellite begins to break up, a smaller object can be seen “exiting” the wreckage. According to the video, that object is an “alien escape pod.” Again, it’s impossible to tell what is actually “escaping.”

According to the video, it is unknown who among the Illuminati may have given the order to shoot down the Black Knight Satellite, or why someone in the devilish secret society chose now to do away with the alleged extraterrestrial monitoring device that has purportedly been spying on humanity for thousands and thousands of years.

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