Samsung Galaxy Camera Reaching Canadian Retailers In Early December

The Samsung Galaxy Camera with Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will reach Canadian retailers in early December. The 3G+Wi-Fi version of the camera will go on sale with its Android OS and touch-screen enabled features. Samsung says the camera will work over 3G with any compatible carrier.

While Samsung has announced the Galaxy camera for a December 7 release, it has yet to revealing pricing for the much hyped device.

Thanks to its full version of Android 4.1, the Galaxy Camera and its 4.8-inch 1280×720 touchscreen is compatible with Google Android Apps from the Play Store. The camera is capable of editing images on-board while sharing those images through downloadable apps.

The camera itself is a point-and-shoot device that features a 21x zoom lens and a 16M BSI CMOS sensor. The Galaxy camera also offers an amazing 120 frames per second and 720×480 resolution for slow motion video capture with crisp image output.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera also adds voice controls into the mix. Simply tell the camera to zoom in or out, set the time, or snap a photo, and you’re ready to go. Gallery controls can also be controlled through voice commands along with other options.

Samsung has also added Smart Mode technology which allows for 15 default modes and settings that help create more crisp and “professional” photos.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera also features “auto-cloud” backup for users who want their photos to remain instantly safe after being taken. Simply take a photo and your photos are saved to your Galaxy camera and to your Samsung cloud files account.

The Google Android OS is popping up in major electronics at an increasing rate. The question now will be whether or not Samsung can use the Galaxy brand name to create a new camera niche for itself, and I’m willing to bet that the answer is yes.