Texas Secession Movement Inspires Man To Change Middle Name To 'SECEDE'

Chris Greenhough

Houston, TX - The Texas secession petition has inspired one man to change his middle name to "SECEDE," reports The New York Times. Yes, that's "SECEDE" in all caps.

Larry Scott Kilgore, a long-standing Republican candidate from Arlington, Dallas, will soon become Larry SECEDE Kilgore. He has also revealed he will run for governor of Texas in 2014.

Kilgore's official site sums up the wannabe governor's views on breaking away from the United States, with the header reading:

"Secession! All other issues can be dealt with later."

The Texas secession movement began shortly after the re-election of President Barack Obama on November 6. Since the original Texas secession petition launched, Republican supporters from every other state have signed petitions asking for their states to secede.

However, the bid for secession is felt strongest in Texas, a state that GOP candidate Mitt Romney won by nearly 1.3 million votes. The New York Times reveals that sales of bumper stickers reading "Secede" (one for $2, or three for $5) have increased dramatically at TexasSecede.com.

The White House is expected to respond to the Texas secession bid soon. Whether seceding is a serious option is open to debate, though there may be some legal basis for such a move.

What do you make of Larry Kilgore's commitment to the Texas secession cause? And how do you feel about Texas dropping out of the United States altogether?