Sparks Reportedly Fly At ‘RHOBH’ Reunion With Lisa Rinna And Dorit In Hot Seat

The season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is over, but there is still plenty of angst in the air for the RHOBH reunion. Fans should be ready for finger pointing, name calling, and more as Andy Cohen sits the ladies down for a three-part reunion. And not only will the core cast be dropping by for a chat with Andy, but Kim Richards and the RHOBH husbands will also be making an appearance.

And it seems that any time that Kim Richards makes an appearance on RHOBH, she is ready to mix it up with someone, says the Inquisitr. And while Kim mixed it up with new girl Eden Sassoon early on this season, it’s still Lisa Rinna that she wants to take down. Kim Richards might be sober now, but she is still ready to mix it up at the drop of a hat.

Radar Online says that all might have seemed calm at the end of the RHOBH, but those who were ticked off during the season are still pretty mad at about whatever. Lisa Rinna is still suggesting that there was plenty of cocaine being used at Dorit’s party, and Dorit is still denying it. But at the reunion, Lisa clearly says that Dorit was one of the people doing cocaine at her own party with her babies upstairs.

“That’s a flat out lie Lisa!” said Dorit.

“No it’s not Dorit,” replied Lisa Rinna.


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And speaking of Dorit, pantygate is not over yet, because Erika still thinks Dorit and others got a kick out of humiliating her. And Erika still has no use for Dorit’s husband P.K. And speaking of Dorit and P.K., they both claim they have learned a lot by being on RHOBH this year, and not all of it has been good.

“I’ve learned a lot from this season,” stated P.K.

But Erika Jayne says that fans and castmates learned that P.K. “is an a**!” P.K. tried to defend himself, but it didn’t go too well for Dorit’s husband on his freshman year of RHOBH. Rounding that out was Lisa Rinna still doubting whether or not Kim Richards is really sober.

And for the most part, it seems that RHOBH fans agree with Erika that P.K. is a bit of a creeper. On Twitter, people are curt as usual.

“I am finally getting to this week’s RHOBH and I just can’t stomach PK at all, he reminds me of every slimy obnoxious bloke I’ve ever met.”

And the opinion of Dorit hasn’t softened as the RHOBH season moved on, as her put-on accent is still putting off most fans, who are still laughing at Erika’s statement “You’re from Connecticut!”

“I’m not calling her a nasty person, I’m calling you nasty person!”

Others are saying that instead of being nasty to Erika, P.K. and Dorit should thank her because without Erika and Boy George, the couple would be perhaps the most boring couple to ever be on RHOBH in the history of the show.

But time and the reunion will tell who is still standing after Andy Cohen asks his pointed questions.

Who do you think came out ahead on this season of RHOBH?

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