Pres. Trump's Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Has Been Removed From National Security Council

President Donald Trump's Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was added to the United States' National Security Council awhile back, but now it appears that his role has changed there. Steve Bannon is considered by many to be Trump's quiet mouthpiece, as many of the policies Bannon believes in have been pushed by the President. He holds a huge role in the Trump administration, and many of the things he has wanted to happen have, in fact, occurred.

This was big for Bannon, but it has gotten some hate from various groups even outside of the Democrats. Democrats have been against Trump since day one naturally, but Republicans seem to have issues with the use of Bannon. Perhaps no one more than the House Freedom Caucus, who recently had a confrontation with Steve Bannon during the recent GOP healthcare bill when Steve told them that they had no choice but to support the bill.

The demands made by Steve Bannon rubbed them all wrong, and many others in Congress seem to be against him as well. This started much earlier than in the last month, so it should not be shocking to hear that people were not too thrilled with his addition in the National Security Council. It was a role he was added to by President Trump, but many felt he had a hand in putting himself in the role. Plus no one knew why he was added to it.

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Some thought it might have been to know national secrets he could use for his own purposes, but nothing could be truly proven one way or the other. With all of this being said, nothing major happened involving Steve Bannon in this role since he took it on. This led to questions being minimal on his role after the first few weeks. Now it appears, according to Bloomberg, that Bannon has been removed from his role in the National Security Council on Wednesday.

This all comes as the newly appointed National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has taken on responsibility for the council and is now setting meeting agendas. Many wanted to know why Bannon was added to the group and especially removed today. It seems to be pretty cut and dry. According to NBC News' Peter Alexander, Steve Bannon was added to the role in an effort to "check on Mike Flynn." Now that Flynn is gone, Bannon is no longer needed in the spot.

Michael Flynn was removed from the role McMaster is now taking on, but this happened months ago on February 13 of this year. Steve Bannon was seemingly added to the group right before Flynn was removed. Once Trump removed Flynn or, well, forced him to would assume that Bannon would have been removed from a role he only had a short period of time if he was in there just because of Flynn that he was there.

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President Trump is the one responsible for the removal, despite Steve Bannon claiming it was due to an overhaul with McMaster taking on the role Flynn was removed from. This removal from Trump was largely seen by may as a good move, as Steve Bannon being on the National Security Council was met with a lot of criticism by Americans and members of his own party.

Bannon had been on the National Security Council since shortly after Trump took office. It is interesting that President Trump waited so long to remove Steve Bannon from his role in the Security Council, as most will not buy that it was completely related to Michael Flynn. Whatever the reason, Bannon does remain in his role in the Trump administration as Chief Strategist, which is almost as large a position to have in the Trump administration as it gets at this point.

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