‘Dance Moms’ Rumors: One Of The Breakout Stars Reveals That The Whole Show Is ‘Fake’

Dance Moms is nothing if not a controversial show, and Abby Lee Miller is nothing if not a controversial figure.

But the latest Dance Moms rumors suggest that all of the drama that you see in the show is, unfortunately, staged!

This isn’t the first time that the show has been accused of being a fake, but this is the first time that the accusation has been lobbied by someone who actually was the star of the show — and a breakout star at that!

According to the latest Dance Moms rumors from Radar Online, these accusations of fakery are being lobbed against the production company by Sari Lopez, the mother of mini-team dancer Areana. Lopez wasted no time in pointing out that Abby Lee Miller has been fined thousands of dollars, in the past, when she refused to follow the story lines set forth by the producers.

“They pretend Abby chose to eliminate the minis, but that is not true,” Lopez explained. “They wanted her to eliminate two minis, but it was supposed to be the elites. She walked out crying because she wouldn’t cut any of the minis. Because she walked out during that scene, she was fined by the network.”

As fans of the show know from previous Dance Moms rumors by Radar Online, Abby Lee Miller recently left the show after seven seasons.

Obviously, one of the biggest reasons is because of her impending legal troubles — in May, she’s set to receive a sentence for the various counts of fraud that she committed, and she may be set to go to jail.

Further, Abby Lee Miller made clear that despite the persistent rumors about her, she has no problem working with any child, but she does have a problem with people who want to use her good nature for their own twisted gain. She said that she was “proud” to go against the producers, because it meant not harming a child in the process.

“I don’t have a problem working with any kid, I love children and have dedicated my life to making other people’s children successful. I just have a problem with being manipulated, disrespected and used day in and day out by men who never took a dance lesson in their lives and treat women like dirt!”

Of course, Abby Lee Miller didn’t earn the reputation of being a crazy, screaming woman for no reason. The latest Dance Moms rumors from TMZ suggested that while she had no problem talking trash about the producers, she had even less of a problem talking trash about the mothers of the children in the Abby Lee Dance Company.

We’ll recall that, previously, Abby Lee threw shade at Cheryl Burke for taking over her “top spot.” She had no problem saying that Cheryl had taken a real step-down in her career by taking the hosting position and that she fell from grace since her Dancing with the Stars days.

And while Abby insists that she has no problems with the mothers, she also said that none of the mothers — or their children — would have any level of success without her.

“Ex ‘Dance Moms’ host Abby Lee Miller doesn’t appreciate getting dissed by the moms on the show… ’cause she’s the one who helped ’em get $20k per episode just for being couch-sitting housewives. We got Abby outside the Mondrian Hotel Wednesday in West Hollywood where she told us all she ever wanted, and still wants, from producers is a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T.”

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