Nikki Bella Leaves WWE, Forced By John Cena?

Nikki Bella is leaving WWE for a brief period, or at least till she has healed properly. The wrestling star injured her neck in 2015 and has since had some issues with her neck. She suffered a bad injury and had to take a break after it for about 10 months before returning to the ring once again. Nikki and John shall both be away from the ring for a while.

John has some movie project commitments and needs to focus on them first before focusing on other elements such as WWE.

why is Nikki Bella retiring, why is Nikki Bella leaving WWE

Nikki confirmed to a fan that the two would be away as she heals and as John Cena finishes his film The Pact. Their last match was with the Miz and Maryse at WrestleMania 33 in which they won. The four of them are very competitive and constantly feud with each other. The Miz and his wife even parodied the two and fun of how much Nikki wanted to get married while making fun of Cena.

John and Nikki found it funny, but John wouldn’t take the joke lightly either as he decided that he would make comments about the two.

The couple constantly teases each other, so either it’s part of the acting or they genuinely dislike each other.

Nikki’s Departure Isn’t Unusual

Nikki may not actually come back if she decides to settle down and have children. She may spend more time out of the ring rather than it. However, the star may just take a break from wrestling, but there is a possibility of her coming back once she’s ready.

This wouldn’t be the first time someone takes a break from the ring. The other half of the Bella twins took a break as she is expecting her first child in April. Brie Bella took time out last year and said that her child was number one to her.

why is Nikki Bella retiring, why is Nikki Bella leaving WWE

Brie said that she would definitely make a comeback, but she wouldn’t go on the road. Brie does hope that her comeback shall be soon, perhaps during the summer.

Adding that she would love to have another match with her sister, as they were not able to do so. She had also envisioned her husband, ex-WWE star Daniel Bryan, by her side, but things changed. It was revealed on her show that her husband had been very depressed after losing his job.

She may have to wait till her sister is fully fit after her neck injury.

While some speculated as to whether she would be taking time off the same way her husband-to-be has, Nikki finally admitted that she would. She posted a series of tweets confirming that she would be away. She said as follows.

“This isn’t goodbye, just need time to heal. When the day is right I will be back and hopefully then…. BRIE MODE will be ACTIVATED!…”

Nikki’s Dreams Come True

Nikki and John’s final 2017 match was this past Sunday, and it ended with a bang as John went down on one knee and shocked his bride-to-be and fans all over the world. Nikki said that her dreams had come true as he had asked in a place that they would call home. John Cena used a diamond ring that could be estimated to be about $112,000.

The two have been previously married. John was married to his childhood sweetheart, and as soon as his divorce came through, Nikki and John began to date.

The celebrity couple has been inseparable ever since, and she was happy that he proposed to her the way he did and wouldn’t have it any other way.

While some continue to wonder as to whether she’ll come back soon, she may just be taking a break from the wrestling world rather than quitting. After all, she has a wedding to plan.

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