A North Carolina Restaurant Banned Children And Business Is Better Than Ever

A restaurant in North Carolina wants to do well as all businesses do, but they were not against risking backlash in hopes of making dining experiences better for their customers. It is quite difficult to do anything out of the ordinary in this time and age without offending people, but some are willing to take that chance. An Italian restaurant named Caruso’s decided to risk outrage by banning children and it has actually paid off for them as business is booming.

Caruso’s has long-served the Moorseville area and has always been one of the more popular restaurants in the area, but it has since seen a big increase in business. As reported by WWL, business has truly picked up ever since the restaurant decided that children under 5 years of age would not be allowed inside.

Yes, there are no children under the age of 5 allowed inside Caruso’s at any time.

The restaurant only moved to having children banned from its location earlier this year, and business is only getting better. While they expected some backlash and there has been some of it, most adults appear to enjoy it more than anything.

Caruso’s is giving customers an opportunity for a kids-free night more than just once a month or even once a week. One customer said their “dinner was excellent” and another said, “This will make us come back again. Absolutely.”

As reported by Fox & Friends, owner Pasquale Caruso put the ban in place back in January, but a few news reports over the last two weeks have really brought a lot of attention. Ever since word has started getting out about the ban on children under 5 years old, reservations have increased more than ever.

Yoshi Nunez is the manager of Caruso’s and he explained to Fox & Friends why the ban was put in place from the very start.

Nunez said that a number of months ago, a family was dining in Caruso’s restaurant and the young girl with them was playing on an iPad. The iPad’s volume was set on high and management kept asking the parents to turn it down since it was bothering others in the dining room. The parents continuously refused and allowed their daughter to keep watching her show on a very high volume.

Their refusal to comply led to the family being asked to leave the restaurant.

Caruso’s is a “fine dining establishment,” according to Nunez, and he said that they don’t want their customers disturbed by loud and unruly children. They don’t believe the banning of children to be “anti-kid” or “anti-family,” but is simply there for adults and older children to have a relaxing evening.

Yoshi Nunez believes that most people understand why Caruso’s has banned young children from its restaurant even though some aren’t happy about it. Even with the few complaints that have rolled in, business has been doing very well which means the ban will stay in place.

Caruso’s is a restaurant that wanted to give their customers not only a different and better quality of food, but also a more enjoyable dining experience overall. To Yoshi Nunez and Pasquale Caruso, that meant banning children under the age of 5 so that customers could dine without disruption or any issues. The North Carolina restaurant took a chance and it has actually paid off for them as they are doing quite well since banning kids under the age of 5.

[Featured Image by Phil Walter/Getty Images]