‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ Manga Chapter 212 Online English Spoilers: Holy War And Gowther’s Ending Is Near?

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Chapter 212 of immensely popular Japanese manga The Seven Deadly Sins finally reveals the true Gowther who has been acting as a puppeteer to the mechanical boy. After narrating puppet Gowther’s side story last week, mangaka, Nakaba Suzuki continues with Nanatsu no Taizai in the current chapter simply titled “A Gift.” While the title may be cryptically short, the chapter offers some interesting twists and revelations.

[Warning: The Seven Deadly Sins manga Chapter 212 spoilers/recap and Chapter 213 speculations ahead]

Chapter 211 of The Seven Deadly Sins manga confirmed The Fairy King’s suspicions about the person who claimed to be Gowther of Selflessnes. Although the person didn’t appear hostile, he did attack the Giant King with a large tentacle when the two kings were about to head to the Gate To Heaven to address the problem caused by Rou.

In the current chapter of the Japanese series, the real Gowther reveals himself to Gloxinia and Dolor. He tells the two kings about his 500-year imprisonment by the Demon King after he was bestowed with the Commandment of Selflessness. Having his freedom taken away inspired the real Gowther to create a doll that he sent out in the outside world so that he could stay in contact. After switching off the “synchro”, Gowther adds it was the puppet who is his other self, and it was the mechanical boy who served as his eyes, ears, hands, and feet.

Angered by the manipulation and deception, Gloxinia demands an explanation about the attack that prevented them from reaching the Light of Grace. Gowther calmly reveals that there’s a rebellion led by the humans as they hold a very strong grudge against the Warriors of Stigma. Gowther claims that the humans managed to win their trust by fighting alongside the Ten Commandments, and used the demons to achieve their goals. Shockingly, Gowther adds that he did not act to secure his own freedom, but to end the Holy War.

Interestingly, when Gloxinia decides he has had enough of Gowther’s version of the truth and decides to race towards the Light of Grace, King Dolor asks him to go ahead while he talks to Gowther and the doll. After both bid farewells to each other, Gowther can’t help but wonder if the two kings are in a relationship. Interestingly, King Dolor doesn’t dismiss Gowther’s observations. Instead he asks him if the two really look like they are in a relationship.


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It is not clear if Gowther is mentally manipulating King Dolor, but he appears to be very sincere in his observations and explanations. Gowther claims he is envious of the relationship which is built on what one can give the other one, instead of what one can expect from the other. He adds that if all the clans shared the same relationship principles, there would be no Holy War.

Chapter 212 of The Seven Deadly Sins indicate the Holy War is about to end soon. Gowther claims that if his thoughts are correct, the Holy War won’t last long. He bases his reasoning on the fact that 3,000 years into the future, the war was confirmed to have ended three millennia ago. Along with his prophecy, Gowther notes that his death will not be totally in vain. As expected, this shocks King Dolor.

The real Gowther then proceeds to free his puppet, advising him that he needs to live his life without any control and guidance. He notes that the puppet will possess high level of intelligence, but his emotional level would be similar to a child. In the side story released last week, puppet Gowther was shown to have emotions. In the current chapter, King Dolor is shocked to see a puppet crying after realizing his creator is about to leave him.

After saying his goodbyes, the Real Gowther gives a special magical heart to puppet Gowther, and asks King Dolor to take care of the mechanical boy. As a parting gift, the real Gowther offers something to King Dolor. Unfortunately, mangaka Suzuki doesn’t indicate what the gift is.

The scene shifts to King Gloxinia. While racing towards The Light of Grace, he keeps thinking about Rou’s betrayal, and wonders why is it that he is always late to save people or salvage situations before they go out of hand. In addition to the dilemma, he is also worried about the paradox involving Gerharde. However, the horrific truth reveals itself when the Fairy King finally reaches the Light of Grace.

Chapter 212 of The Seven Deadly Sins manga ends with a brutal scene, wherein Rou is holding the bloodied princess. The caption at the end reads, “Slaughtering their fellow brethren is a giant betrayal of trust. At last, the time of the ‘trial’ has come.”

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