4 ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Books-To-Series Differences Without Giving Away The Plot

Like many TV shows and movies now, Pretty Little Liars was originally a series of books created by author Sara Shepard. The novelist created an intricate world, which was used to inspire the TV series of the same name.

Unlike most book-to-series adaptations, there are some major differences between the Pretty Little Liars books and the TV show. If you haven’t read the series yet but are upset about the end of the TV show this year, you’ll want to dive right into the books. Here are six major differences without giving away any of the plot points or revealing any major spoilers.

The Liars Look Very Different Than They Were Described

Apart from Aria, all the Liars are very different from the characters described in the books. While their hair colors are the initial change fans notice, there are many more as you work your way through the series. In fact, the relationship between the four friends is completely different.


It took just an episode or two for the four friends to find common ground again. They bonded in the way that they were long before Aria left Rosewood. In the book series, it takes them all a lot longer, as they are unable to share their secrets and discuss the fact that this hooded A is after them. Some of the storylines are also different throughout the books, especially Emily’s.

The Big Bad A Isn’t Who You Think It Will Be

Pretty Little Liars fans have spent years debating who A would be. Those who had already been fans of the books expected certain storylines and were shocked when things changed. It turns out that the Big Bad A isn’t the same person or for the same reasons as the TV show.


Those who love the detective work involved in the show will love the Pretty Little Liars book series even more. There is a new world to dive into, clues to look for, and relationships to dissect once more. This was the benefit for the first couple of years of the TV show.

Main Characters Aren’t So Focal

The main characters in the TV show aren’t as focal in the book series. In fact, some fan-favorite Pretty Little Liars characters aren’t even in the book! As Wetpaint shares, Caleb is one character not in the PLL books. This will be sad news for some fans, but it’s not all disastrous. There are different main characters that pop up in the books. There are boyfriends and girlfriends (yes, one of the Liars is a lesbian in the books) who play important roles for character developments.


Likewise, some of the side characters in the TV show are more focal in the books. This is the case for Noel Kahn, who really only became a focal character again in Pretty Little Liars Season 7A, and that didn’t end so well for him. The differences certainly add something new to every single plot.

There Is a Twin, but It’s Not the Same One

Most fans knew that the Pretty Little Liars twin storyline wasn’t completely unique. The TV show introduced Mary Drake, identical twin of Jessica DiLaurentis, in Season 6. In the books, there is still a twin storyline, but don’t expect the same person.

The twin storyline is a major part of the later books. It will explain everything and help fans understand character developments in the book far more. Enjoy it, because that’s all the information you’re going to get.


It’s time to delve back into the world of Pretty Little Liars, this time in novel form. There are so many changes between the books and the TV show that the two are pretty much standalone pieces. The best way to describe it is that PLL is a non-fantasy version of the Vampire Diaries adaptation.

Pretty Little Liars Season 7B premieres this month with the last 10 episodes ever.

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