Robyn Dixon On Marriage: ‘RHOP’ Star Explains Massive Downsize And Relationship To Ex-Husband

Robyn Dixon was one of the housewives from Potomac, who made her reality television debut last year on The Real Housewives of Potomac. On the outside, Dixon’s family looked like the perfect family unit. She was living with Juan Dixon, a former basketball player, and their two children. However, Robyn revealed that she and Juan had actually been divorced for a while, but they had chosen to stay together. While they weren’t involved in a romantic sense, it made sense for them to continue living together for the sake of the children.

According to a new Bravo report, Robyn Dixon is now revealing why she and Juan decided to stay together under the same roof. Dixon downsized her home, and she decided to let Juan move in with her and the children because their dynamic works so well. Fans may have been confused as to her decision, as it is normal that people move out and move on after divorcing. However, this wasn’t the decision for Robyn Dixon and her ex-husband.

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Juan and I chose to continue living together for very simple reasons. First, we didn’t want to incorporate too much change into the kids’ lives and thought that forcing them to move from the only home they knew and loved as well as starting a new school would be enough disruption for two little boys to handle at once. Things would have been a lot more difficult for them had their father moved elsewhere,” Robyn Dixon explains in her Bravo blog about her decision to stay with her ex-husband, even though their marriage is indeed over.

Of course, last season Dixon opened up about a friend, who had tricked them financially. He had encouraged them to invest their money in the wrong thing, and they lost a lot of money. This was a person whom Juan trusted, and he completely tricked them. These days, they are trying to regain their losses, and this includes downsizing their home.

“Also, continuing to live together makes the most financial sense for us both right now. We are able to live somewhere comfortably that we all enjoy without having to overextend our budget. We are both in a building phase in our careers and lives and feel it makes the most sense to create as little financial stress as possible,” Robyn continues, revealing that they remain strong despite the financial stress they have gone through.

“My relationship with Juan continues to grow as we continue to support each other in our daily lives. The everyday stress of just being a busy working parent often gets in the way of remembering to have fun and making time to enjoy one another but we are able to spend a lot of time together as a family. This move has definitely brought us closer,” Robyn Dixon explains, hinting that their family unit works even though they are legally divorced.

Robyn hasn’t really talked about what their lives would look like if they started dating other people. On the previous season of The Real Housewives of Potomac, she hinted that she and Juan still have sex and she doesn’t have a need to have sex with other people. But this may change over the next few years if her arrangement with Juan doesn’t work out in the long run. Even though their arrangement is odd, it works for them.

What do you think of Robyn Dixon’s decision to downsize? Are you surprised that she decided to let Juan move in with her? Do you want to know more about Robyn’s relationship on The Real Housewives of Potomac?

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