Irina Shayk Pregnant With Bradley Cooper’s Child, Baby Daddy Helps Her Forget Ex Cristiano Ronaldo In 2017

Irina Shayk, who used to be involved with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, is now pregnant with Bradley Cooper’s child, and she couldn’t be more content. Being pregnant also means that she gets a break from all the pressures of being a supermodel, and now, she can eat and dress how she wants! With her baby daddy by her side, it looks like the Sports Illustrated model is having a great start to spring 2017.

The pregnant model has been keeping it low-key all through her first trimester, not posting any mommy updates or pictures of her growing baby bump. In fact, she has taken measures to conceal any signs of pregnancy.

But when the 31-year-old model emerged at a farmers’ market this morning, she was showing signs of a second-trimester mother.

“There are not many people who would cause a stir in a long-sleeved shirt and slippers,” reports Daily Mail. “But Irina Shayk managed to do just that as she stocked up on strawberries at a farmers’ market in Los Angeles on Thursday. The famously plump-lipped beauty looked like she was having a whale of a time as she perused the merchandise with her jolly mother Olga by her side.”


While she is not expecting any time soon, Bradley Cooper has already thrown her a “beautiful baby shower this month in L.A.,” according to E! Online. He played a pivotal role at this shindig, taking special efforts to accompany his mother and “making sure everything went smoothly.”

How Guardians of the Galaxy star behaved at the party was no big surprise as insiders have been saying that he has been thrilled with Irina’s pregnancy.

“Bradley has been there for her and is loving seeing the baby grow inside her,” a source told Daily Mail. “They share those moments when the baby kicks and they can’t wait! (He has) been taking her to her doctor visits and is so excited every time they see the baby. She is very healthy and the baby is as well.”

When they are not surrounded by friends and family, it’s obvious that Bradley and Irina would rather spend their time together in a quiet manner. For Christmas, they were seen escaping from the public eye to enjoy some relaxing time as they celebrate the beginnings of their family.

“Amid mounting rumors that they’re expecting a baby, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk spent a cozy Christmas together in LA,” reports Page Six. “The day after the holiday the pair were spotted driving through the city in the “American Sniper” star’s Mercedes G-Wagen on the way to a countryside retreat at a private ranch outside of LA.”

At the age of 42, this is Bradley Cooper’s first child. Before meeting the Russian Sports Illustrated model, he has been married to Jennifer Esposito, whom he divorced just after a year and had a relationship with Suki Waterhouse, who was so serious with him that she accompanied him to Oscars one year.

He has been with Irina Shayk since 2015, but from the beginning, their relationship was on the fast track. They were introduced to each other’s mothers pretty early on in their dating phase and began having talks about having a baby. He moved into her apartment just eight months into their relationship, having been seen “moving some of his belongings into his 29-year-old girlfriend’s Manhattan apartment.”

Irina Shayk, on the other hand, has been attached to the Spanish soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo, from 2010 to 2015. She met Bradley Cooper almost right after breaking up with Cristiano, bouncing straight out of a long-term relationship into a family-making mindset.

Now, her fans are just waiting for her to give an update on her baby bump and pregnancy. So far, the only thing that Irina posted has been pictures to celebrate her friends’ birthdays, her work on various brand campaigns and her Vogue covers.

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[Featured Image by Tim Ireland/AP Images]