Evelyn Lozada Rejoins ‘Basketball Wives’: This Is Why She Has Beef With Jackie Christie

In less than two weeks, Basketball Wives Season 6 will premiere on VH1 and with it comes a showdown that a lot of fans have been waiting for. Evelyn Lozada, who starred in the original Basketball Wives in Miami is joining up with old friends Shaunie O’Neal and Tami Roman to make this what some are calling an all-star cast. The bigger and more exciting issue is that Jackie Christie has a major beef with Evelyn Lozada, and when the two women square off, it could be on of the most epic feuds the show has ever seen.

There seems to be some question about why Jackie Christie is angry with Evelyn Lozada, according to a new VH1 report. Apparently, someone hasn’t been paying attention because when Jackie said that Evelyn got herself involved in family business, she’s talking about her estranged daughter TaKari and the GoFundMe account she had going last year, as the Inquisitr reported.


It’s no secret that Jackie Christie and her daughter have had a very strained relationship for several years. It looks like Jackie wasn’t feeling forgiving toward her oldest daughter or even merciful toward her grandchildren. When TaKari’s son was the victim of a daycare center accident that left him covered in burns, Jackie turned her back and refused to help. To make matters worse, when fans put pressure on Jackie to do something, she claimed she was being extorted and even went so far as to claim that law enforcement was involved.

After Jackie had refused to help her own daughter, a few celebrities stepped in and made sure TaKari Christie Lee and her young son got the help they needed. Matt Barnes initially donated $3,000 to TaKari’s GoFundMe campaign, which put her right at her goal after a slew of other smaller donations were made by friends and fans. The Inquisitr reported that Evelyn Lozada stepped up soon after Matt and dropped another $3.500 donation on the GoFundMe page, putting TaKari well over her initial goal and ensuring that she had enough funds to get her son treatment and take the time off work that she needed to take care of him.


Jackie Christie never commented on social media after other celebrities took it upon themselves to help out her daughter when she wouldn’t do it herself. Plenty of others did, though, blasting Jackie for being so cold-hearted and commenting that Evelyn Lozada stepped up and helped out because she is a real mother and that Jackie should do better.

With Evelyn Lozada joining the Basketball Wives cast just months after the TaKari GoFundMe drama means that she is ready to confront Jackie Christie over the whole ordeal. This should get really interesting because, in the past, the women on the VH1 reality show have been careful not to cross Jackie. Possibly because of her ties to executive producer Shaunie O’Neal. Other cast members may also have shied away from confrontations with Jackie because it has been alleged that she’s not right in the head. Those who watch Basketball Wives LA or who have followed her husband Doug Christie’s career know that Jackie has a very loose relationship with logic, and even in this new feud with Evelyn, she feels like she is right.

It’s about to get real explosive on Basketball Wives as Evelyn Lozada faces off against Jackie Christie. Season 6 should be spectacular as many are calling the new season an all-star season, and it very well might be with Shaunie O’Neal, Tami Roman, Jackie Christie, and now, Evelyn Lozada, all coming together for filming.

Season 6 of Basketball Wives premieres on VH1 on April 17th at 9/8c.

[Featured Image by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]