Chimp ‘Got Grandma!’: Poop-Tossing John Ball Zoo Chimp Hits Grandma’s Nose, 1.5 Million YouTube Views [Video]

Chimpanzees are known to hurl their poop around, and the below video showing a grandmother being the unfortunate recipient of one chimp’s poop at John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is going completely viral. The video titled “It Got Grandma!: Chimp at Zoo Throws Poo in Grandma’s Face!” is currently No. 4 on YouTube’s trending list of popular videos and has swelled to 1,581,600 views since being uploaded on Sunday, April 2.

The crowd at John Ball Zoo seemed to anticipate that the chimp was about to hurl his or her poop at someone, as the chimp bounced up and down and quickly grabbed his feces and flung it into onlookers. Folks began making noises that showed they knew what was about to happen with the poop-throwing, although they couldn’t have anticipated that the chimp would have such accuracy to land the poop on a grandmother’s nose.

The video’s popularity proves that April the Giraffe isn’t the only animal gaining attention on YouTube, although as of this writing, more than 218,000 people are currently watching the below video from the Animal Adventure Park, showing a still-pregnant April pacing around her enclosure.

The grandmother was sitting down, but that didn’t stop the chimpanzees from landing the poop on the John Ball Zoo visitor.

The YouTube video posted Sunday by zookeeper Erin Vargo. On Erin’s Facebook page, she reported that she was at John Ball Zoo on April 2 when her viral video was recorded. Vargo’s Facebook page lists John Ball Zoo as her previous place of employment, with Erin currently listed as an intern at Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF). Erin wrote that her day at John Ball Zoo was anything but average when she captured the chimp on video as it flung the poop on a hapless grandmother.

“So Jake and I thought we were going to have an average day at the zoo… turns out it would be the day of the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’m seriously dying of laughter. And I can’t believe I got it on video. Just watch… #ItGotGrandma. I’d also like to take the opportunity to help raise money for any improvements to the chimp exhibit, as well other zoo needs. If you have a few bucks to spare, please consider donating it to John Ball Zoo at”

As seen in the YouTube video, the crowd around the grandmother laughed as they realized the chimp hit grandma on the nose with the poop. The video cut off before viewers could see the older woman’s extended reaction, but she appeared to take having poop on her nose with a shocked sort of surprised stride.

Beneath the video, the incident is garnering all sorts of reactions. Some are joking that the chimpanzee hurling poop could have caused the elderly woman to get all sorts of diseases or maladies from the poop. Indeed, it’s likely a good thing that the poop landed on her nose, instead of in grandma’s opened mouth, which seemed agape in shock.


As reported by USA Today, the fresh bowel movement that caught grandma on the nose has brought the chimp and grandma tons of attention on YouTube. Some of the comments flowing into social media about the chimp throwing poop on the grandma can be read below.

“Grandma got ****faced!”

“Poor grandma… but that chimp is accurate AF.”

“That video of the chimp throwing its s*** at the grandma so accurately, and Romo retiring the day after? Can’t be a coincidence.”

“Do not watch the chimp throw poop on the grandma video. I almost puked.”


[Featured Image by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]