Nikki McPhatter, Theodore Manning: Killer Had Sex After Murder Of Woman He Met Online, On ID's 'Web Of Lies'

Traciy Reyes

When 30-year-old Nikki McPhatter met the handsome 30-year-old Theodore Manning on an online dating site, she thought she'd met the man of her dreams. But tonight on Investigation Discovery's Web of Lies, viewers will learn that Theodore Manning savagely murdered Nikki McPhatter in his Columbia, South Carolina, home after she went there to break up with him. The Web of Lies episode that will reenact Nikki McPhatter's murder is called "Searching for Mr. Wrong." On the show, South Carolina investigators will give dramatic details in the case. Family members are also expected to provide a narrative.

May 2009: Missing Airlines Agent Vanished After Going To Meet Man She Met Online

According to Web of Lies, when Nikki McPhatter's family members got word that Nikki hadn't shown up for work in a week, they knew something was deadly wrong. Nikki wasn't the kind of woman to miss work and stop contact with her family.

Nikki McPhatter's sister and best friend had made repeated attempts to contact her by cell phone, but their calls went unanswered. Loved ones of the missing woman searched frantically for her, but she had vanished without a trace. Their pain intensified after they learned that her torched remains, including her skull, had been found in Columbia, South Carolina, almost a month after she disappeared. Her burned-out car was found in a wooded area. Medical examiners say that she died of a gunshot wound to the back of the head, court records show.

Web Of Lies: Who's Teddy?

Nikki McPhatter was planning on leaving her Rozumny Drive home in Charlotte North, Carolina, to go to the home of her boyfriend in Columbia, South Carolina. All they knew was that she was seeing a man named "Teddy."

Detectives learned that "Teddy" was a man Nikki McPhatter had met online through an online dating site. By all accounts, Teddy was handsome, striking, and intelligent. Nikki was hopeful that the relationship would blossom into something beautiful, but things took an ugly turn when Nikki McPhatter began suspecting that her boyfriend was seeing other women.

The man was later identified as Theodore Manning, a nuclear power plant worker who authorities say was clean cut and soft spoken. However, a deeper look into Theodore Manning's background showed that he was a deceitful man with a slew of other women with whom he had sexual relationships.

Web Of Lies: A Deadly Confrontation

An enraged Nikki McPhatter went to his home to get some of her belongings and to confront him about her suspicions. That's when detectives say Theodore Manning took out his gun and shot her in the back of the head as she attempted to leave.

Once in custody, Theodore Manning told detectives that after he told Nikki McPhatter that he didn't want a serious relationship with her, she became angry and pulled out his gun. Manning further stated that a struggle over the gun ensued, which led to it going off.

But the evidence showed that his version of events was all a lie, and police had a witness to back it up. Theodore Manning's other lover, a woman named Kendra Goodman, told police that she showed up to his home on May 6 and found him working on a car that didn't belong to him. Then, he asked her to follow him in her car so that he could deliver the car to the owner.

When Kendra and Theodore got to the location, she heard an explosion, and Theodore Manning returned to the vehicle smelling like gasoline, Web of Lies will tell.

After dropping off the car, they went back to his home and had sex. Kendra told Crime Watch Daily that she had no idea that a body was in the back of that vehicle, and she never saw blood or a dead body in the bedroom at Theodore Manning's home. Investigators didn't believe that part of her story.

Surveillance video captured Theodore Manning attempting to use Nikki McPhatter's bank card the same day that she went missing. Authorities call the murder of Nikki McPhatter a coldblooded killing.

Family members will never forget Nikki McPhatter, a beautiful woman who loved extreme sports and adventure. They wished that they could have stopped the feisty young woman from going to Theodore Manning's home that day, but no one had any way of knowing how it would all end.

Theodore Roosevelt Manning was sentenced to 30 years in prison, WISTV-10 reported. Kendra Goodman only served about two years in prison in exchange for her testimony against Manning.

In addition to Investigation Discovery's Web of Lies, the Theodore Manning case also played out on TV One's Fatal Attraction and was profiled on an old episode of America's Most Wanted in 2009.

Web of Lies airs tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery. On a previous episode, the story of Instagram selfie killer Amanda Taylor aired.