New Casey Anthony Evidence: Orange County Sheriff Admits To Critical Mistake

Orlando, FL — The Orange County, Florida Sheriff’s office has admitted to making a critical mistake in the Casey Anthony case.

Capt. Angelo Nieves acknowledged the WKMG-TV report that his office’s computer investigator missed a June 16, 2008 Google search for “fool-proof” suffocation. That was the last day 2-year-old Caylee Anthony was seen alive.

WKMG reported that the sheriff’s investigators pulled 17 vague entries from Anthony’s Internet Explorer browser. However, they never looked at the Firefox browser that was commonly used by the “Tot Mom.” More than 1,200 Firefox searches, including the one for “fool-proof suffocation,” were overlooked.

Whoever conducted the search misspelled suffocation as “suffication.” That person then clicked an article about suicide that discussed taking poison and putting a bag over one’s head.

The browser also recorded activity on MySpace, which was used by Casey Anthony.

Attorney Jose Baez said he knew about the search, but he believed it had been conducted by George Anthony, Casey Anthony’s father.

When the investigators missed the search, “we were kind of shocked,” Baez said.

Baez contended that it was George Anthony who performed the search because, after Caylee drowned, he wanted to kill himself.

Baez no longer represents Casey Anthony, but he rejected the WKMG report as an example of “the standard anti-Casey spin.” He also said any revelations from the report are “100 percent false.”

Prosecutor Jeff Ashton told WKMG, “It’s just a shame we didn’t have [the search.] This certainly would have put the accidental death claim in serious question.”

The sheriff’s department learned that it should consult the FBI or Florida Department of Law Enforcement for help searching computers, Nieves said.