‘Prison Break’ Spoilers: Will The Show Return For Season 6?

Prison Break is officially back. Season 5 of the series will begin airing on Tuesday night, and the revival has fans excited to see what their favorite characters have been up to since the show went off the air eight years ago.

According to Digital Spy, Prison Break Season 5 will have fans trying to figure out how Michael Scofield is still alive and wondering if his brother, Lincoln Burrows, and former prison pals get help him escape the mess he’s gotten himself into this time. If the revival goes well, the show could return for Season 6 in the future.

Prison Break producer Paul T. Scheuring reveals that he wanted to wait until after the Season 5 premiere to decide on any future plans, but he did reveal that Fox has the final say in whether the show would be back for Season 6.


“It all comes from Fox ultimately… another season wouldn’t happen unless they felt it was within their interest. We as a group have to arrive at a story that we feel is worth telling. Creative integrity is really important and if we could arrive at a story that we felt was worthwhile… then it’s possible.”

While Prison Break fans will keep their fingers crossed for more future episodes, Season 5 of the show will not end with a cliffhanger in hopes of getting a renewal. The season will be pretty cut and dry in regards to the storyline. It seems that writers wanted the arc to open and close in case this truly is the final season of the series. However, actor Wentworth Miller says he would be open to playing his famous character again and added that fans will see a very different Michael Scofield this time around. Miller even revealed that although Michael didn’t die at the end of the original series, the old Michael is now dead and gone.

“These nine episodes are potentially a satisfying way to fade to black, but if there was some idea that was exciting and we were confident could stand besides those that came before, than I’d be open to that conversation. You could take the position that Michael died in the end of [the] original series. The Michael that everyone knew… the man they meet in these nine episodes is someone different.”

Meanwhile, Prison Break Season 5 will focus on the fact that Michael is still alive and locked away in a dangerous prison in Yemen. Michael’s brother, Lincoln, and the rest of is Fox River friends will be forced to enter the country, which is in the midst of a civil war started by ISIS. Not only will he break Michael out of prison, but they must also get themselves out of the dangerous country.


Of course, Michael’s wife, Sara, may have something to say about the fact that he’s still alive. Sara last saw Michael when he sacrificed himself to break her out of prison while she was pregnant with their child. Now, Sara is raising Michael’s son and is remarried. Her storyline may be the most powerful of all when she realizes the love of her life is still alive and that she’s caught between her two husbands.

The Prison Break revival is said to be much like the first season of the show, which is considered by many to be the best season. While many former characters like T-Bag, C-Note, and Sucre will return, new faces will also be seen, and those characters could possibly be apart of Season 6 if the show were to get a renewal.

What are your thoughts on Prison Break possibly having a Season 6?

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]