Ellen DeGeneres And Chris Evans Make A Film Together

Chris Evans and Ellen DeGeneres are working on a new project after Chris revealed that his contract as Captain America had ended.

Ellen DeGeneres show Ellen DeGeneres wife Portia de Rossi Captain America up for contract

Evans had appeared on Ellen’s show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and revealed that he has a few more Avengers films but they would be his last.

Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige revealed to The Sun that there was a possibility of his contract either being renewed or a possibility for fans to see a new Captain. Characters such as Bucky Barnes or Sam Wilson may be in the running, but he managed to leave fans in suspense.

Marvel itself has several movies lined up in the future such as Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther and more. Perhaps in those future films, Captain America may make a cameo and give his fans something to look forward to as they await the next Avengers.

Chris has been Captain America on screen since 2011 and has been keeping his fans as well as Marvel fans on their toes with the rest of the films he has been involved in. Chris had said previously that it wasn’t really up to him but rather up to Marvel bosses to decide whether he continues on or not. He also revealed that he wasn’t sure if he was ready to go and that it was tough for him to think about letting go of the character.

“My contract is up. I have Avengers three and four, we do Avengers 3 now and four is the latter part of the year, then after that, that is the end of my contract.”

He added that he had to shoot later on in the year but was practically done until further notice.

Ellen And Chris Make A Movie

During the same interview, Ellen revealed much to Chris’ surprise that they would be working on a film together. The multiple Emmy award winning talk show host informed him in a joking manner that he needed to finish up with all his films as she needs him because they were doing a movie together. Much to his disbelief, he then asked if they actually were, then he informed her that he wasn’t aware that she was a producer on the movie.

Ellen then told him to hurry up and finish working on his other things as they were waiting for him.

Ellen DeGeneres show Ellen DeGeneres wife Portia de Rossi Captain America up for contract

Chris then smiled and gushed about the film that they would be working together on, Jekyll.

Jekyll is a movie adaptation of a BBC One miniseries that took place in 2007 of the same name. Ellen, Marc Platt, and Jeff Kleeman shall produce the film through their company, A Very Good Production.

Chris Evans shall be playing the lead role of Tom Jackman, a descendant of Doctor Jekyll. This would be far from what we’ve seen Chris doing in his other films. He shall be putting down his shield and his romantic comedies for the role of a character that kills for fun.


Ellen headed for splitsville?

Ellen has been rumored to be heading for a divorce from her wife Portia de Rossi. The two have been together for several years. In those many years, the two have been rumored to separate on several occasions. This time it has come about due to them selling one of their homes.

Of course, the actress and the producer have continued to put silence to those rumors and continued to work on their relationship and careers. One of the first times they were accused of separation was when it emerged that Portia was interested in children but Ellen wasn’t.

The sale of their home, however, could simply be due to Ellen’s love for buying, renovating, and selling homes.


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