Has Samantha Geimer Moved On From Roman Polanski? Find Out Her Reason

Samantha Geimer has likely moved on from Roman Polanski’s atrocious crime against her. It has almost been three decades of unwanted publicity and harsh speculation from the masses for both the suspect and the victim. Polanski has been living as a fugitive and is constantly on the run away from the law while Geimer wrote her own memoir, The Girl, which revealed the very details of Polanski’s conviction for “unlawful sex with a minor,” his exile in France, and the narrative from Geimer’s point-of-view. However, Samantha is done playing the victim as she sends her well wishes to her rapist. Has Samantha Geimer moved on from Roman Polanski?

Samantha Geimer has likely moved on from Roman Polanski
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From the eyes of a victim

The 48-year-old author is now living a simple and quaint life—a life far from the abhorrent crime she had to endure during her teenage years. Currently, Samantha is feeling ecstatic that she gets to share a personal memory with her new book. Although she describes the narrative as “very hard to control,” she promised that she’s doing her best to document her story as a rape victim.

According to The Guardian, the memoir features a frank and direct storytelling of the horrendous event with good humor to boot. Little did Samantha know that at the age of 13 she would be in for a long haul of media publicity and nasty name-calling as she became the victim of a rape by a famous director? In 1977 in Los Angeles, Polanski was arrested and charged with the rape of a 13-year-old girl during a photo shoot he said he was doing for French Vogue. He pled guilty to statutory rape and was sentenced to 90 days in a Chino prison but was released on the 42nd day after an apparent plea bargain.

However, the filmmaker escaped the law and flew to Paris when the judge hinted that he planned to reject the plea bargain and increase his sentence to 50 years. Recently, he lost his bid to resolve the 1977 rape case as he remains a fugitive, having no rights to make a special request to the court. Court Judge Scott Gordon said, “Polanski cannot avail himself of the court while standing in contempt of it.”

Geimer’s narrative of the 1977 rape account involved how Polanski would trick her and use her innocence to get what he wants. He had even managed to have anal sex with her, resulting in Geimer’s severe depression. Yet, the interesting part is Samantha’s empathy towards her rapist. Has Samantha Geimer moved on from Roman Polanski?

Samantha Geimer has likely moved on from Roman Polanski
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Despite the unlawful sex, Geimer feels as if she has a connection with Polanski and sees the tragedy as an episode—both of them condemned to live with it for the rest of their lives. In 2009, Polanski sent an email to Geimer apologizing, “I want you to know how sorry I am for having so affected your life.” Although she didn’t reply right away, Samantha acknowledged his apology and opened new doors for them as they continued contact.

“Over all these years, our attorneys have communicated. We’re not buddies. But, I mean, I have been in touch with him just a little by email. Just personal stuff, nothing worth talking about,” she said.

Samantha Geimer may have likely moved on from Roman Polanski. Asked if she sent him a copy of her book, she addressed the issue coyly and said that he is “a busy person” and thought that won’t be “important to him.”

Geimer’s aftermath

Following the rape, Geimer loses it all, sending her life downhill. She took drugs, drank alcohol, and had a baby at 18 just “to forget about it.” Nevertheless, in 1988, Polanski paid the damages, and they settled for a six-figure sum. Moving forward from the incident, Samantha gave a shocking admission that she would rather dismiss the case and let him lived in the U.S. as she went on to say, “…that’s what would be fair. Because it’s the right thing.”

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