WWE News: Goldberg Appears To Retire From WWE After ‘Raw’ Goes Off The Air – Delivers Heartfelt Speech

There have been some big returns and some huge main roster debuts for WWE in the last 24 hours, but there have also been two huge departures which are hard to take. Last night after WrestleMania 33, The Undertaker laid his gloves, jacket, and hat in the ring as a sign that he was done. After Monday Night Raw this evening, Goldberg addressed the live crowd for “Raw Talk” and gave a heartfelt speech in what seemed like his final WWE moment.

Last night, Goldberg lost the WWE Universal Championship to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 in what was their third and final match. The former champion didn’t show up during the televised broadcast of Monday Night Raw, but he did head out to the ring for the “Raw Talk” aftershow.

Upon entering the ring, the fans cheered him on and he gave one of the most heartfelt speeches that any superstar has ever given. While he didn’t necessarily say that he was retiring, it certainly felt as if this was it for “The Man.”

When Goldberg returned to WWE back in October, it was after more than a decade away from the company and the ring. He always said that he wanted his son to see him wrestle live and that is what he got the chance to do in this run with the promotion.

He first said that he was angry when heading out to the ring because earlier in the night, fans booed his name and cheered for Brock Lesnar. Those that booed him during this “Raw Talk” segment were told by the former champ that this wasn’t part of the show and they could stop all that for now.

Goldberg wanted to speak from his heart and without his words being provided to him by WWE script writers.

“You can boo me, or you can cheer me, but the fact is that little boy is the reason my heart still beats.”

The little boy he was talking about was his son who he brought into the ring for him as he told the fans that this WWE return and run was for his family. As reported by Heavy, Goldberg admitted that his match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XX was a bad match, but they made up for it at WrestleMania 33 last night.

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Goldberg also went on to say that he knows this moment on “Raw Talk” may be the final WWE moment of his wrestling career. As always, one can never say “never” in the world of professional wrestling, but this could very well be the last time that he is ever in a ring.

Still, if it isn’t, Goldberg wanted everyone and anyone to know that he believes he is “one of the biggest, baddest son of a b***hes on the planet. You never know…what, or who’s…next.”

Upon finishing up his incredibly awesome speech, Goldberg took his young son by the hand and left the arena and WWE for quite possibly the last time ever. If this was his retirement, it was a great speech by him, but it should have been given actual television time to let it happen.

When Goldberg returned to WWE after a 12-year absence from the ring, it was a moment that many fans thought would never happen. He had a pretty good run over the course of half a year and it included a month with the Universal Championship. Goldberg is right in saying that he and Brock Lesnar made up for their bad match with a great one at WrestleMania 33, and if he really has retired, he went out at a high point.

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