Kim Kardashian Wasn’t ‘Attacked’ In Los Angeles: ‘KUWTK’ Star Clarifies Reports On Twitter [Debunked]

Was Kim Kardashian attacked in Los Angeles? Reports claiming that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was assaulted outside a restaurant in Beverly Hills on Sunday emerged after photos and a video of the celebrity looking shocked circulated online.

Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular celebrities in reality TV. But with this fame comes responsibility, as well as dangers, considering that there are people who would stop at nothing to cling to them to get their own share of the spotlight.

To top that off, Kim’s popularity and wealth may have also caused the nightmarish Paris hotel robbery that left her scarred for life.

Now, a headline posted on the website X17 News claims, “Kim Kardashian Attacked!,” sharing footages of the reality star when she was “physically assaulted” after dining with her friends at a restaurant in Beverly Hills.

The outlet went on to share that a stranger carrying a large black backpack whose face is obscured by his sunglasses was restrained by Kim’s security detail when he got close. That was when things became interesting.

According to X17, their photographers heard someone yell at the bodyguards to let the man go because he’s just a tourist. The bodyguards then let the man off who then surprised Kim and her companions when he made a beeline towards her.

The outlet went on to describe the physical appearance of Kim Kardashian’s “attacker” as an Asian who tipped his sunglasses downward before he bumped into the celeb “as if to look her in the eyes.”

“As he got close, he leaned straight into her, shoving up against her breast and breathing heavily in her face,” the website described the encounter.

In that moment as she looked horrified, the website’s photographers described Kim Kardashian’s state.

“Kim was just shocked; she was horrified. The fact that the dude touched her breast and was so in her face made her terrified. Even us photographers couldn’t believe what was happening.”

X17 also shared the video of the incident over YouTube which has already been viewed more than 12,000 times as of the writing of this article.

After this report emerged, TMZ wondered whether the guy who was supposedly Kim Kardashian’s attacker “was just a passerby who got swallowed up in the paparazzi crush or a goofball who wanted to mess with her?”


But while things looked unpleasant for Kim considering her history with assaults, the KUWTK star clarified that the incident was nothing serious in a post over Twitter.


The celebrity even went on to wonder whether her supposed “attacker” was “ok,” and said that the report “Kim Kardashian Attacked” was untrue.


Still, by the looks of the images from the incident, Kim’s bodyguards had another thing in mind as they appear to be giving the mystery Kim Kardashian attacker a “stern warning,” per TMZ.

In October 2016, Kim Kardashian also made the headlines in a slightly different incident popularly known as the Paris hotel robbery incident. She has since shared horrifying details about that evening when armed men entered the place she and her sister, Kourtney, was staying in.


At the time, Kim was alone in the place when several masked men held her at gunpoint while they scoured the place for anything valuable. The celeb said she thought that the men were going to rape her at the time when one of them put his hands on her legs to tie them up.

Meanwhile, the man in the supposed Kim Kardashian attack never made a statement about it so his motives remain unknown.

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