Netflix News: When ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Is Coming

The Walking Dead Season 7 is making its way from AMC to Netflix and fans of the show will be delighted to sit down and watch all 16 episodes. What is especially unique about Season 7 of The Walking Dead is that even though you did not watch it as it aired on AMC, considering the massive propensity for social media spoilers, there are still going to be many surprises that will drop your jaw.

For those who have a subscription to Netflix, then binge watching The Walking Dead is probably the first thing on your mind, following the Season 7 finale. Netflix has classically been the biggest go to place for fans and casual viewers of TWD. It has been on Netflix for several years now and every fall when the latest season drops on the streaming video buffet, it gets overloaded with viewing requests on the Netflix servers.

Usually, that is not a problem for Netflix and their engineers. They know when a major show like The Walking Dead debuts on Netflix, there is going to be a major demand for the show and they have historically made all the necessary adjustments to make sure that their users experience with streaming it goes uninterrupted.

So now, the big question isn’t whether Season 7 of The Walking Dead is coming, it’s when it is going to drop on Netflix. There are really a few determining factors for this, a formula also supported by Fansided.

AMC is now considered a powerhouse brand for Netflix and their content is some of the most watched on the streaming video platform. That includes The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Halt and Catch Fire, Into the Badlands, Mad Men and Breaking Bad. So when their latest seasons start releasing, the demand for these shows are phenomenal.

Based on the model of Netflix release dates from previous years, there are a couple of things that seem to be standard for The Walking Dead every year. First of all, AMC likes to make sure that they release TWD just before the next season of the show is supposed to premiere.

Every year, The Walking Dead has premiered in October, usually in the middle or later part of the month. When The Walking Dead first came to Netflix, the release churns for the previous seasons of TWD would be scheduled in order to coincide with the release dates, seemingly as a part of the AMC strategy.

The reason for this is so people can catch up with the previous season of The Walking Dead on Netflix just in time for them to tune into the live airing of new episodes, which would be for Season 8 this fall.

So if we were to use previous seasons of The Walking Dead release dates on Netflix, then the churn would look more like a week in advance of the TWD Season 8 premiere, which has not been officially announced yet.

But fans of The Walking Dead can rest assured that Season 8 is most likely to premiere on AMC on October 15. That of course means that Season 7 of TWD will likely be released somewhere between October 1 and October 8 on Netflix to give fans a chance to catch up with where the show is at and where they last left off.

Since those fans that are reading this article have most likely not seen Season 7 of TWD and are waiting for it to come to Netflix, then this article will not spoil any of the details of last season for you. But it should be mentioned that there is some major storylines that played out in Season 7 of The Walking Dead that you should be excited to check out.

[Featured Image by AMC]