Mila Kunis Has Interesting Outfit Choice As She Runs Errands Without Makeup

Mila Kunis was spotted out and about on Sunday sporting a bare-faced look while wearing what can only be called an interesting outfit.

The 33-year-old actress opted for blue patterned jumpsuit paired with retro saddle shoes. Mila is usually photographed in casual outfits, but dressed it up for her errands this weekend. However, fans didn’t seem to enjoy the jumpsuit look as they commented on an article by Daily Mail.

“God what is she wearing?!!”

Daily Mail referred to Mila’s look as Boho chic as the site described her weekend outing.

“The mother of two, 33, was spotted earlier that day running errands in a boho chic jumpsuit as she went makeup free for the outing.”

She was spotted with a friend as husband Ashton Kutcher was busy attending an event for Fashion Los Angeles Awards.

“Just hours later Ashton was seen at the Fashion Los Angeles Awards where he posed up with Paris Jackson.”

Mila also made headlines during her first red carpet appearance since welcoming baby son Dimitri in November. People magazine reported on her March 28 appearance as the actress stunned in an all-black outfit at the STX presentation at CinemaCon.

Kunis discussed what life is like now that she and Ashton are parents to two young children.

“It’s different, there’s two. He’s also 3 months old and you forget what sleepless nights are like. I remember guys, talk to me.”

Mila also discussed the follow-up to her hit Bad Moms during an interview at the Las Vegas CinemaCon. She said even fathers told her how much they enjoyed the movie as it gave them insights into what life is like for moms.

“It’s so strange. I feel like people are so appreciative of the voice that it gave not just women or mothers. Even men come up to me and say, ‘This movie is so great. I finally understand my mom and my wife so much more.’ People really responded to it because it’s honest.”

However, Mila has also stated she doesn’t want any more children now that she has both a daughter and a son. The Daily Mail quoted Kunis as she said her family is perfect as it is.

“We’re solid. It’s perfect … I have two really healthy, really wonderful kids. Why test my luck?”

Kunis went on to discuss her children as she explained the difference between being the mother of one compared to two.

“Baby one, I would’ve been like, ‘OMG, OMG, what am I gonna do?’ Baby two I’m like, ‘I got my pump bag, I got my clock going, I gotta be picking up from school in, like, three hours. I gotta go.’ You’re a little bit more on a time schedule. “

She added that she’s more relaxed as a mother now that she’s experienced— her daughter Wyatt is 2-years-old.

“The first one I was weeping. This one, I’m like, “It’s fine. Everyone’s alive, it’s all good.”

Her laid-back parenting style crosses over into her everyday look as she’s frequently photographed in baggy jeans and casual t-shirts while running errands. Perhaps that explains why some fans are so taken aback by Mila’s latest errands outfit, which consisted of the blue boho jumpsuit.

Kunis was also spotted out in late March in her more signature look of skinny jeans and laid-back shirt. The Daily Mail once again reported on Mila’s look

“And almost four months later, Mila Kunis stepped out in skinny jeans and a makeup free face for an errands run in Beverly Hills on Friday.”

She kept her look simple as she paired the skinny jeans with slip-on shoes and delicate jewelry.

“The actress rocked medium wash denim with her high-neck top, adding black and white slip-on shoes. Mila wore a delicate necklace, as well as her wedding ring and a simple bracelet.”

While Mila may have been attempting her change up her everyday look, it seems her plan didn’t go over so well with fans.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]